Not exactly a tribal boardwipe version but enough to play to the theme. There is a lot of removal in the deck to keep the board clear for Zurgo to swing in. Sunforger and Angelic Destiny make Zurgo a 2 hit clock if you can make him unblockable, the Destiny having the added perk of flying so you may not need the extra piece to get him through unmolested. Sunforger is also the best way to consistently protect your stuff as using its ability can fetch Boros Charm, Teferi's Protection or Rebuff the Wicked when needed.

With all of the wraths that this deck can fire off, creature selection is a little tougher so I went with as many indestructible gods as I could realistically fit in. The devotion for the Theros block ones can be a little tricky, ideally you want Gratuitous Violence in play to activate Iroas and Mogis. Have thought of adding Necropotence for additional card draw and X3 to activate Erebos more reliably.


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