Close the lid tightly, and turn away from your energy conversion laws.

They said Mono-White was the weakest colour option for EDH, They said you couldnt make something top tier with Mono-white... well, I'm here to show them that they were oh so very wrong.

Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle has a very interesting effect attached to a 2/2 Flying body. When you cast a Historic Spell, return a creature from your graveyard with CMC 3 or less to the battlefield. So I thought to myself, "Hey, lets abuse this" So here it is: A turn 3-4 Win Mono-White Competitive Combo deck.

Once you land Teshar, the real fun can begin.

With Teshar out you can keep cycling through your CMC 3 or less artefact creatures to gain insurmountable value. The Trick here is to find a sac outlet with Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle out and a way to retrieve cards from the graveyard. I.e. Scrap Trawler , Junk Diver Myr Retriever with preferably a drop artefact in hand. What you do is:

  1. Sacrifice a or less Artefact Creature ( Memnite to, lets use Altar of Dementia .

  2. Mill opponent 1.

  3. Cast Scrap Trawler

  4. Return Memnite , to the battlefield with Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle 's Effect

  5. Sac Memnite to Altar of Dementia

  6. Mill opponent, or yourself for more fuel.

  7. Sacrifice Scrap Trawler to Altar of Dementia

  8. Mill

  9. Return Memnite to hand with Scrap Trawler 's effect.

  10. Cast Memnite , returning Scrap trawler to your battlefeild with Teshar's effect. Then repeat until you mill the opponent or you cycle until you find another combo piece.

Using this cycle with different peices you can: either draw your library, make infinite mana and dump it into X spells, most notably Walking Ballista , mill your opponents, Gain infinite life with Suture Priest or blast someone with Aetherflux Reservoir .

Need to make cuts/ possibly add more removal.


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