Main Strategy:

infinite mana with Filigree Sages + Astral Cornucopia to win via Walking Ballista or Orochi Hatchery . Lots of ways yo search for whatever pieces I need.

Also, could just stumble upon Karn, the Great Creator and have him lock the opponent out of the game (if Chalice of the Void and Ensnaring Bridge haven’t already done so)

Alternate strategy post-sideboard:

Get a huge amount of mana and then slap down a Wurmcoil Engine . Works great against Burn, and even better when it’s Whir’d for when they attack. The opponent will either die or survive that monster, but either way it's gunna take them a few spells and a few turns, and in the meantime I can be assembling more Wurmcoil Engine , and evebtually just win with them and Ballista.


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