"Walk Softly, and Carry a Big Stick"
-Teddy Roosevelt

The idea of this deck is, rather than to be a super competitive Ezuri deck, running combos like Sage of Hours and miscellaneous BS, you instead are a good old fashioned beatdown deck. Spearheading this is Mr. Roosevelt himself. Combined with any of his aircraft carriers (EX: USS Avenger, HMS Hornet, USS Walker, or even just a Battleship or Destroyer, you can gain experience counters at a monstrous rate, turning more and more creatures into massive beat-sticks to swing at any opponent who starts getting too out of hand. That's the entire idea of this list.

Based off of the Ezuri, Claw of Progress intro to commander deck, this is a version which has been and will continuously be upgraded.
A friend and I are each willing to put 100$ into upgrading this deck. The current cost to upgrade is 150$, or 75$ to each of us.

Maybe-board consists of those cards which are upgrades, but which I own copies of.
Side-Board is a placeholder to remind me which cards I need to remove from the Ezuri Pre-con once said friend and I spring for the upgrades.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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