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E.T invaders from space




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A.K.A. ET invaders from space

The term ET I got from (not only the movie) but for Eldrazi Tron, and invaders from space, for the "eldrazi invaders" coming from the blind eternities. upvote if you like the deck.

This is a very good Eldrazi deck that is well balanced, all help is welcome, as I would love to improve this deck, dont fell afraid to suggest something.

1) always try to get the urza combo using the Expedition Map, Sylvan Scrying or Ancient Stirrings ASAP.

2) feel free to use your All Is Dust whenever you feel the need.

3) watch out for a Blood Moon as it will kinda ruin your lands, if you can, try and remove it with Nature's Claim as fast as you can, or just get down a few big creatures as fast as you can. in the second game, you can use the sideboard as explained later on.

4) there is not any combos in this deck so I don't have to explain those.

5) If playing an aggro deck, save your mana for cards like card:titan's presense or Warping Wail instead of searching for tron

Wondering when to use the side board? Here are some good ideas on when and how to use it. Nature's Claim is a great card to use againt Blood Moon, and since most decks dont use Blood Moon in their main boards, then you both will be able to sub them in at the same time. Warping Wail is used against storm or for cards like Monastery Swiftspear. Spellskite is used for kill spells or storm decks. Pithing Needle can be used against many things,use it when you think you need it, or if your opponent had an annoying card in game one. Any suggestions to add to the side board are welcome.

Dont froget, upvotes are loved, appreciated and welcome, I will thank all the people that upvote, and I will check out some of their decks and give suggestions ,(comment what deck you want done). thanks in advance.


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