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Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH (+RIVALS OF IXALAN)

Commander / EDH* Multiplayer Ramp RGW (Naya) Tribal




Welcome to my Extreme Dinosaurs EDH deck built around the triggered ability of Gishath, Sun's Avatar!

The deck plays really smooth. Please playtest it to see wheather you can handle those Extreme Dinosaurs!


Deck Idea Show

The decks main goal is to get Gishath, Sun's Avatar into play very fast (e.g. Urza's Incubator, Explosive Vegetation) and then swarm the board with a horde of Extreme Dinosaurs through her triggered ability.

This is supported by cards that grant double strike (e.g. Duelist's Heritage) and pump effects (e.g. Xenagos, God of Revels). This deck does not make use of additional combat steps or giving all creatures haste (still I included Regisaur Alpha and Otepec Huntmaster besides Xenagos), as I think that this would take up too many card slots for something that would not work that often.

A subtheme is the manipulation of the top of the library with cards like Scroll Rack, Sylvan Library or Oracle of Mul Daya as they support the main goal of this deck to get the most out of the triggered ability of Gishath while being great cards on their own.

Currently I also think that cards which give creatures indestructible, protection or regeneration aren't really needed in my deck, because with a good ramp package I should simply be able to recast Gishath and swarm the board with dinosaurs again after a boardwipe. I do not want to waste card slots for cards like Asceticism or Eldrazi Monument.

My manabase right now is pretty budget and represents what I found in my folder. Of course it could be upgraded with more expensive lands at any time (but Temple of Abandon, Temple of Plenty and Temple of Triumph are tech :D).

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Card Evaluation Show

Almost all dinosaurs are simply bad cards you normally wouldn't consider for EDH. But because this is a tribal deck we throw them in anyways. I favored the big dinosaurs over the small ones, while still putting in some small ones for a better mana curve. Subsequently I will only cover those dinosaurs whose inclusion may seem strange at first glance.
  • Elemental Bond: Pro: can draw a lot of cards in combination with Gishath Con: does not draw immediately

  • Harmonize: Pro: efficient cost for a green draw spell, draws immediately Con: none

  • Scroll Rack: Pro: lets you put your dinosaurs on top of the library, can give you a lot of fresh cards, it really helps to get your land drops in the early game, gets better with a lot of shuffle effects Con: not technically carddraw, no real card advantage

  • Skullclamp: Is it possible to build a deck without including skullclamp? I cannot imagine. Admittedly there aren't many 1-toughness creatures in this deck. But otherwise equipping skullclamp would disincentivize the opponent to use boardwipes. Also, it makes Gishath's trigger bigger. And there's some syngergy with Pyrohemia and the other enrage-enablers.

  • Sylvan Library: Pro: draws two extra per turn theoretically, manages the top so you don't draw dinosaurs, it, too, really helps to get your land drops in the early game, gets better with a lot of shuffle effects Con: does not draw immediately, the lifeloss can hurt sometimes

  • Cultivate, Kodama's Reach: Pro: card advantage, colorfixing, thin library Con: none

  • Commander's Sphere: Pro: draw in the lategame, colorfixing Con: does not thin library

  • Explosive Vegetation: Pro: card advantage, colorfixing, thins library Con: rather high cmc

  • Farseek: Pro: colorfixing, low cmc, lets you search for Canopy Vista and Cinder Glade, thins library Con: no card advantage

  • Garruk Wildspeaker: Pro: ramps big, can sometimes fix colors for cards that cost two red for example, creates token, planeswalker Con: does not thin library, no card advantage

  • Mind Stone: Pro: draw in the lategame, low cmc Con: no colorfixing, does not thin the library

  • Oracle of Mul Daya: Pro: can generate a lot of card advantage, comboes with Gishath's trigger, can block Con can be killed easily, no colofixing

  • Otepec Huntmaster: Pro: low cmc, can give haste, flavor Con: can be killed easily, no colofixing, no card advantage, does not thin library

  • Sakura-Tribe Elder: Pro: low cmc, colorfixing, thins library, potential blocker Con: no card advantage

  • Sol Ring: Just Sol Ring

  • Urza's Incubator: Pro: ramps big Con: does only ramp dinosaurs, no colorfixing, no card advantage, does not thin library

  • Berserkers' Onslaught: I might put in another double strike enabler. This one ist better than Rage Reflection because you only need double strike on offense and its one mana cheaper. Another option would be Blood Mist. True Conviction, Gratuitous Violence and Furnace of Rath would be all putting too much stress on the mana base. Wakening Sun's Avatar and Burning Sun's Avatar are already enough in this regard.

  • Changeling Berserker, Changeling Hero and Changeling Titan: I like the idea of giving the deck some resiliency against boardwipes by exiling a dinosaur so that it comes back into play after a boardwipe. Additionaly, there's the possibility to trigger etb-effects twice. But exiling a creature will sometimes also be a big downside, so I will have to playtest this first.

  • City of Solitude: Great hate card against blue-based control. They won't be countering your Gishath anytime soon! This is especially important for this deck because you're investing so much mana into your spells.

  • Game-Trail Changeling: A dinosaur with a reasonable body and trample. Might replace Spike-Tailed Ceratops or something like that.

  • Naya Charm: This one is really versatile. It can tap blockers to get Gishath's damage through. Or it brings a card from our graveyard to our hand. If everything goes wrong it can even tap the opponents creatures before they get to attack you.

  • Rest in Peace: Against some playgroups with a lot of graveyard shenanigans this is an auto-include.

  • Rishkar's Expertise: The deck might need a bit more card draw. I like this better than Soul's Majesty because it doesn't target. But if all creatures get bounced or killed in response, both cards are bad. Additionaly, Rishkar's is kind of a tempo play. You could cast a dinosaur or a Volcanic Offering for free while drawing cards.

  • Stranglehold: A great preemptive card that protects your Achilles' heel against decks that tutor a lot. For example it prevents the opponent from searching for boardwipes. It also stops most combo decks. In general it fixes a lot of problems that naya decks have. I've experienced this as a really great card! The extraturn-part is not that important.

  • Outlook Show

    So far I have only goldfished with this deck. This often has the effect that my decks lack the right amount of hate and utility cards in this stadium, because those cards are pretty useless while goldfishing. When I get the chance to actually play the deck with my playgroup, I will probably cut 2-3 dinosaurs or other cards for additional hate (e.g. Rest in Peace, City of Solitude) and utility (e.g. Chaos Warp).


    This is the first deck that I made public here on Tappedout, so if you like it or have any recommendations I would be happy if you left a comment.


    Updates Add

    After seeing the Spoilers for Rivals of Ixalan I had to include all the new elder dinosaurs and other powerhouses but I also wanted to go down the enrage-route a little bit more. There are already quite some changes to the deck but it is only a first sketch and I could explore the enrage-theme a bit more by including Shaman en-Kor or Fiery Confluence for example. However, these are the changes for now:



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    I'm waiting for Rivals to make some changes to my deck as well. I really love the Elder Dinosaurs. Thanks for posting up your changes here.

    January 12, 2018 2:16 p.m.

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