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Extreme Budget Robots (6.4 tix!!)

Modern Affinity Aggro Artifact Budget UB (Dimir)


Watch me play this on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZX5Ly_QRoO18smsf_8UyhW1GixL7EVMD

A budget-friendly version of one of the most powerful decks in MTG history: Affinity. We're looking to flood the board early with free artifact creatures and then suit them up with Cranial Plating , Ensoul Artifact , or Tezzeret's Touch ! Hopefully we can end the game quickly, because this is a budget deck, and our late-game plan isn't as solid without things like Arcbound Ravager , Steel Overseer , and Master of Etherium .

If you want to see this deck played on MTGO, check the link above!


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