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My next Extreme Budget deck. This one focuses more on creating elemental tokens and flooding the field with them and being very aggro with them.

Essentially it builds on landfall making it possible to trigger it multiple times while gaining minor life and being very aggro with the creatures on the field.

The ultimate finish is omnath that with the right landfall triggers can drop many 5/5 elemental guys that can really ruing a persons day.

Sitting at around $36 its very budget for the power it puts out.


Updates Add

So I've adjusted the extreme budget landfall to make up for the changes coming with the new set. Now this may change if new cards offer new opportunity for better and cheaper advantages. However until then this is what I had to do. Unfortunately this raised the deck cost to $44 instead of $36 but its still budget albeit on the very edge of not being Extreme Budget. Hopefully I can remedy that with the new changes. So,

Extreme Budget Landfall Version 2.0



3x Rugged Highlands

2x Shamanic Revelation

2x Outpost Siege

2x Frontier Siege

3x See the Unwritten

1x Naturalize

1x Plummet

1x Zendikar's Roil

2x Flameshadow Conjuring


2x Retreat to Kazandu

3x Timber Gorge

3x Shaman of Forgotten Ways

2x Volcanic Vision

3x Evolutionary Leap

2x Retreat to Valakut

2x Stoneforge Masterwork

That's about it. The big part to this change was to adapt to losing Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged while also rounding out the deck to something more reliable. I will say losing my Whisperer of the Wilds mana dork was a blow but Shaman of Forgotten Ways is easily making up for it.

As for the performance. I haven't tested it but the previous incarnation won FNM. Beat a B/U control, G/W Ally, U/R Thopter, and B/W Vampire Ally. Went 4-0 in matches and 8-1 in overall games. Once Omnath hits the field the game is pretty much over.

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