So here's the skinny. I've decided to go full bore into creating really budget decks for people to get into magic with. Not compete on a high level but at least stand a chance at FNM.

So this is my return to Extreme Budget Decks. Sticking within a very tight confide of how much money a person can spend. These decks will float between $20-$30 each and use lesser cards in terms of competitive decks.

Now these will be considered competitive, but on a more basic level. Table Top and FNM.

For my first is Naya Allies.

So here is how this should be played.

Allies work really well off each others abilities. So the more you have entering the field or the more you have on the field the more likely you are to have total field control.

So first turn Expedition Envoy or Stoneforge Masterwork is the best choice.

Second turn drop a Beastcaller Savant or Weapons Trainer to have extra mana available or a strong board presence. Having Stoneforge Masterwork on the field when Trainer hits creates a 4/2 for only 2 mana on second turn. A strong threat in any game.

Third Turn. This is tricky. You might want to drop Veteran Warleader and generally it's good but Lantern Scout is better for that massive life game. If you have no creatures and want to tie up one of theirs with Stasis Snare that's always a good option.

The big key at this point is to drop allies as quickly as possible to flood the board and trigger tons of abilities.

You win condition at this point is rather multiple choices. You have Veteran's warleader who can big bang have multiple abilities by tapping allies. Or other big creatures thanks to stoneforge or get extra's swinging in broadly with Captain's Claws .

Then if you have angelic captain you can really swing in for the hurt. Top it off with Chandra's Ignition which can double the damage your big guy deals and wipe the field.

This deck builds quickly and can be overwhelming come the 5th or 6th turn. Just let it run it's course and you'll have a strong deck to really hurt people with. Some side decking for minor annoyances can save you.

This deck is not going to win a regional or anything like that. But with money put into it can be much much more than it already is.

Good luck and happy gaming.


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