This is an extortion deck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Kaiserjaeger22 says... #1

Instead of One Thousand Lashes you could try out Oblivion Ring , It is cheaper,so will be easier to pay the extort cost with, and can remove more than just creatures. Also, it may benefit you to run more removal in general, such as Ultimate Price and Tribute to Hunger , (over Shielded Passage and Gift of Orzhova ) that way you can limit your opponents board presence, while whittling away their life through extort. Also, It may help you to add more draw mechanics into the deck, (Such as Sign in Blood and Cremate over Beckon Apparition ) the more spells you can play a turn through card advantage, the more you can extort.

February 26, 2013 10:53 p.m.

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