Another take on the Brad Nelson Naya Blitz style decks.

How I always imagine my opponents feel when Explosive Humans is on the nut draw.

Deck Tech


LANDS - Goal 1 is to play our spells, no matter the cost. As much as this is an aggro deck, it's also combo of sort. The deck doesn't care if it has to shock itself a few times, games won't last that long. The deck also has no time for utility lands, nor does it want to risk getting mana screwed. 20 lands is basically all we need here, as Burning-Tree Emissary and the extremely low curve keeps the deck fine on 2 lands.

1 CMC - All of our one drop creatures get pumped in various ways. Boros Elite becomes a 3/3 with battalion. Champion of the Parish grows as humans, the only crearture type run, are played. And Experiment One as creature hit the field. Giant Growth is being run over Rancor since we want to be able to save our guys. Keeping battalion up or a Lightning Mauler in play is more important, and the extended value of Rancor won't matter with how fast the deck is.

2 CMC - Burning-Tree Emissary is 1/2 of the all-star here. This is what let's the deck truely explode. Lightning Mauler brings some extra nut draw potential by bringing more creature to the fight faster. Mayor of Avabruck  Flip is the other 2/2 of the all-stars. With several creatures on the board Mayor of Avabruck  Flip can often be putting up more damage than even Silverblade Paladin . Searing Spear to get creatures out of the way or go to the dome to finish someone off. Flinthoof Boar is often a 3/3 for 2, and its haste can keep battalion going. Ghor-Clan Rampager is basically a 2 CMC spell here, but the uncounterable bloodrush pushes damage through blocks.

3 CMC - Frontline Medic is useful for keeping the beats coming into midrange decks.


Boros Charm to combat sweepers and also goes to the dome well. Fiend Hunter more removal to tempo out other aggro decks. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben comes in on the play against any deck that wants to Farseek. Tormod's Crypt to hate out any graveyard. Viashino Firstblade combats sweepers and any creature light decks.


Updates Add

Mixing up the board a little for the next week or so.

Sideboard + 2 Domri Rade - 2 Gruul Charm

Just haven't been hitting a lot of decks that are using Lingering Souls lately, or decks that I might try to go under their non-flyers I've wanted other cards instead.

Mainboard - 4 Giant Growth + 3 Thatcher Revolt + 1 Rally the Peasants

Giant Growth has become much less a surprise out of the Naya Blitz decks, so I'm trying out cards to make draws even more explosive.

#2 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — March 15, 2013
#1 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — March 1, 2013


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