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A pauper exhume re-animator deck using Ulamog's crusher. Main combo is.

Or, without the ritual:

Like in all combo decks, it doesnt always work out this way.

Transmute targets from Shred Memory:

Use Pestilence to control your opponent. In most cases, when you have a crusher, you can easily wipe clean your opponent's board without killing the crusher. Use Abyssal Gatekeeper to help clean up the board, like sacrificing it with Innocent Blood. We could add a Corpse Churn to dig for Crushers and potentially return a creature.

This deck does not contain Chainer's Edict since it's not legal to play in my LGS. It has not been printed as a common on paper, but it has been released as common on MtGO.


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This deck is Pauper legal.

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