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Excuse Me, But There's A Dragon Eating Your Face

Commander / EDH BRG (Jund) Dragons Tribal


Yeah, you might want to get that dragon on your face off before the blood attracts more dragons. They're like sharks, but more vicious. And larger. And can fly.

I like dragons. I like Karrthus. I like EDH. Karrthus is a Legendary Dragon. This is a tribal Dragons EDH deck with Karrthus leading the charge. My kind of deck.

Seriously, this deck is not like other EDH decks (looking at you blue!). It's not complicated. Put down a few lands, maybe a mana dork or two, play some dragons, maybe some form of protection for the dragons, swing with dragons. Not complicated at all.

Sooo... dragons. Everyone likes dragons, right? Except for the knights and goblins said dragons are busy eating... But none of us are those, right?

Achievements to unlock:

I AM FIRE! I AM DEATH!: Have only Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund and lands on the battlefield when you win. Challenged by MagicalHacker

YOUR TOYS ARE SHINIER: Win with Hellkite Tyrant 's triggered ability without any artifacts you own on the battlefield. Challenged by MagicalHacker

THE PATHS DRAG ON: Descendants' Path three dragons out in a row. Challenged by MagicalHacker

CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS: Play Kokusho, the Evening Star three times in one game. Challenged by Mstancea

Big Fatty's Here: Deal at least 40 damage in a turn. Challenged by Matsi883

Saving Isle Delfino: Play all of your foil cards in one game. Challenged by jp3ngu1nb0y

Only room for one: Meet the Hideaway requirement for Mosswort Bridge while only controlling one creature. Challenged by erabel

WILL YOU SHUT! UP!: Make 5 spells un-counterable with Vexing Shusher in one game. Challenged by erabel

Sweet tooth: Control both Skittles (Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon) and Coco Puffs ( Kokusho, the Evening Star ) at the same time. Challenged by erabel

Get hit, in the face, with a lot of dragons: Deal 20 or more damage with one Scourge of Valkas trigger (X=20). Challenged by Gienah

Dragon Lovers: Have Garruk, Liliana, and Sarkhan all on the battlefield. Challenged by Femme_Fatale

"Aggravation:" Activate Aggravated Assault three times in one turn. Challenged by alizer313

"Steeling the Storm:" Destroy five or more permanents with Steel Hellkite in one turn. Challenged by alizer313

"Dying Boldly:" Kill ten creatures with Balefire Dragon's triggered ability in one turn. Challenged by alizer313

"BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING:" Swing for lethal with Birds of Paradise AND it must deal at least 10 damage. Challenged by joshua_giraffe

SUPER HASTE: Have three permanents with a redundant haste ability when you win. Challenged by MagicalHacker

"Unleashing Hell:" Using only Utvara Hellkite, have twenty or more dragons on the battlefield before you win. Challenged by Prima


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