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Exalted../Flying../Double Strike../Lifelink..

Modern Aggro Exalted Lifegain WB (Orzhov)


Inspired by a quick deck I made out of a M13 Box, that eventually started taking on a life of it's own.. ;D..

A fast moving army of exalted creatures preferably boosting some other creature with either Lifelink and/or Flying, etc.. That, left unchecked, would only grow bigger & scarier, turn by turn..

Board control comes in the form of Tragic Slip&Oblivion Ring, and a set of Inquisition of Kozilek for both the peek-a-boo advantage & eliminating troublesome spells.. ;)

Currently in need of suggestions for my sidebar..... and of course +1's.. :)


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This deck is Modern legal.

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