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this is mi exalted deck.

i just made it thinking in the exalted cards i had and actually give a second place in a FNM.

i know i had more than 60 cards but i really cant do more, so if you can help me out that would be awesome.

my main idea is make it fast and can hit directly


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the idea is play a lot of creatures with exalted cheap and fast

i had some non-exalted creatures to strike directly because the had intimidate or are unblockable like Tormented soul or spectral rider

with the help of Ajani, caller of the pride i pretend to boost a unit to hit a powerfull single blow

most of the times the knight (infamy or glory) help a lot thanks to the protection they had

and the most flexible card i think i had is bonds of faith, with them i can boost my units or block a powerfull enemy creature


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