The one thing I learned from playing old-fashioned Bant Exalted, is that you need evasion to finish off the enemy before he can pose any serious threat. This deck is intended to style the new B/W Exalted cards to fulfill that purpose. Also, the cheaper the exalted effects, the better.

So, basically, because M13 lacks the interesting exalted effects that Alara had and just goes straight for damage, this looks almost exactly like all the other B/W Exalted decks on this site. -_-

This deck is able to consistently deal lethal damage by turn 6. I would expect it to have some trouble with really fast aggro decks, due to it's fear of blocking. However, my deck my be able to out speed most other aggros. It's definitely fast enough to take care of control.


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So the fact that black suddenly had Exalted in M13 has bothered me for a while. Now I realize why this is the case.

In the end of the Alara block, the primarily Black plane of Grixis took over Bant, the White plane. IT would only make sense that the Armies of Grixis would find a way to use the power of the land they conquered against other foes.


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