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Current deck I'm working on. I made it primarily from cheap cards because I'm a broke college student. Anyway, the idea is to get Cloudfin Raptor or Experiment One out on turn 1, then Gyre Sage or Zameck Guildmage out on turn 2, evolving the one CMCs. From that point on, I'd have different options, like Renegade Krasis (which, when evolves, puts a counter on everything with a counter already) or Vorel of the Hull Clade on turn 3, which would evolve everything I could have out.

I think Gyre Sage would be decent in order to get the higher cost guys out faster (or getting out my Nimbus Swimmer), and Master Biomancer would be good for getting creatures out with counters on them, evolving things further. Prophet of Kruphix would mean I have lots of mana and could get creatures out more often. Zameck Guildmage works very well as card draw and with Prophet of Kruphix would be a little bit ridiculous. Rapid Hybridization works as kind of a pseudo-removal to get rid of any stompies or guys with not-so-fun abilities. Finally, Simic Charm is quite flexible, being able to prevent removal or bounce nasty creatures the opponent has out.

To top off my mana curve, I've got a couple of Prime Speaker Zegana, which gives me even more card draw and is sure to evolve everything I have out.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated. This is the first deck I've ever actually made, and I realize it's not particularly amazing, but it's fairly cheap and I think it might be fun for more casual games.

Also, I'm thinking of adding AEtherling to this. With Master Biomancer out, blinking AEtherling would put him back on the battlefield with a couple counters, and he's powerful enough to evolve a lot of other creatures.

I've had people tell me to put 4x Zameck Guildmages in the deck, which is a good suggestion, considering that with the Prophet of Kruphix card draw is incredible.

Things in the Maybeboard are cards that have been suggested/might be helpful or are cards that I took out, but might put back in.

And yes, as much as I would love to put a Kalonian hydra or 4 in here, I simply can't afford them.


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