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A test to see if I want to play the abomination that is delver. Based on of the list by Ben Friedman.


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#5 in tournament @ Samurai Comics West — June 15, 2012

round 1 : Was paired with a new player and won.

round 2: played against zombies, won game 1 and 2 with a bunch of golem tokens and Restoration Angels.

round 3: played against r/g/b deathtouch huntmaster. Can't remember game 1 but game 2 won due to his mana screw.

round 4-5: ID'd

top 8: lost to Dungrove Elder...


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Illegal cards Blade Splicer , Dismember , Gitaxian Probe , Gut Shot , Mana Leak , Phantasmal Image , Ponder , Seachrome Coast , Sword of Feast and Famine , Sword of War and Peace , Vapor Snag
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