This is your typical Zur the Enchanter deck. Ramp with artifacts to get Zur out as quickly as possible. Build your defenses for a few turns. Then your offenses. Then win the game.


Start with Shielded by Faith to get indestructible right off the bat. Follow up with Diplomatic Immunity and Teferi's Veil. It's also a good idea to try and get Propaganda, Web of Inertia, Karmic Justice, Dissipation Field, Lightmine Field, Caltrops, Crawlspace, Norn's Annex, or Bitterheart Witch on the field for pillow fort purposes. Silent Arbiter and Asha's Favor also makes dealing with opponents with several creatures much easier.


Load up on buffs. Get Steel of the Godhead or Aqueous Form on Zur for unblockable attacks for starters. Then throw on whatever you want. Battle Mastery, Blessing of the Nephilim, Daybreak Coronet, Ethereal Armor, Gift of Orzhova, and Spirit Mantle are all there to help you finish off your opponents as effortlessly as possible.

Fun Combos

Now for devious trickery. There are a few naughty little combos in this deck that may make your friends hate you. One is pairing Tunnel Vision with Open the Vaults to put a sizable chunk of your library onto the field within a couple turns. Another is pairing Sydri, Galvanic Genius with Caltrops to turn it into an artifact creature with deathtouch, thereby killing all of the opponent's attacking creatures. Polymorphist's Jest and Caltrops works similarly as does Polymorphist's Jest and Curse of Death's Hold. Isochron Scepter also pairs well with most instants as a permanent counterspell to shut down your opponent when they finally pull something capable of being a threat.


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