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Everyone Is a Descendant

Modern Aggro Combo GWU (Bant) Jank




You ever wanted to cast out Progenitus turn 4, or maybe an It That Betrays? Well than this is the perfect deck for you

So what does this deck do, well it is quite simple yet powerful.

You play a card like Mothdust Changeling and with Descendants' Path, you can basically use any creature type. Progenitus turn 4, ez pz, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Blightsteel Colossus and even Emrakul, the Aeons Torn are all at your disposal.

[fun wacky story from a match]

Round 1: you go to a new store and no one ever seen you before and they kinda wonder what you play. So then you sit down across to your opponent and then start the match.

turn 1 drop out a land and play Mothdust Changeling, once it hits your opponents raises an eyebrow in confusion thinking you might be going some goofy tribal.

turn 2 you play a Contingency Plan and the guy just rolls his eyes and huffs that he cant go against a "competitive deck". So he drops out his little dark confidant and moves on.

turn 3 drop out your Descendants' Path And at this point he just thinks he is playing a single player game since he thinks you are not doing anything.

And then....It happens

The heavens opened up, Lightning crackles, Other awesome sky puns! AND OUT POPS AN EMRAKUL!!!!! (actually Eldrazi are from blind eternities so let us rewind that.) APOLLO 13 COMES BACK AND OUT POPS AN EMRAKUL!!!!!! (actually emrakul is to big for that little thing. Ok one more rewind.) A METEOR CRASHES INTO THE BATTLEFIELD AND OUT POPS AN EMRAKUL!!!!!!!! (Actually if all emrakul did was come into a big rock, she would probably be crushed to. But I give up :c) As the ground around you shatters and crumbles with victory within your grasp, your opponent will beg for mercy! But you will have no remorse and ANNIHILATE HIM! (get it cause emrakul has annihilator hahaha......was a bad pun forgive me :c)

Well that was strange...

I would have more consistency with this deck with the big creatures, but since it isnt a GP, I can let it slide.

If you like this deck please upvote and comment if you have suggestions. Or if you ended up playing this deck, let me know how it went. Progress, Stomped on, Meh? I would love to hear how it plays against certain decks since local meta is kinda smaller than if you went to a GP or something


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Was looking at an edh list and I came across this bad boy. Since this is basically tutor what I need for, I am gonna try it out and possibly run a 4 of with it just cause its utility is so good. Let me know what you guys think and what i could take out for a 4th if possible.


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