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Everyone has Lifelink, and that's the way aHA!aHa!

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It's really been too long since I've made a "just because"-deck. You know, that kind of deck you used to make when you had just gotten into MTG. When you had just learned of a new mechanic or keyword, and that one was the sickest, coolest thing ever. You wanted to just MinMax and have everything revolve around that. Maybe you don't recognize this, but I'm sure someone out there knows exactly what I'm talking about. I mean, that's why we have decks like 8Rack or 12Bolt. I used to have decks chock-full of Pacifism or Oblivion Ring . I had Deathtouch - or Haste-decks. Some of them I even still have, in some variation or incarnation.

For me, my ultimate, gushy, feel-good, go-to mechanic is lifelink. For the longest time, before I had an economy that allowed for buying singles en masse(not that I really do now, anyways) I was obsessed with building a deck with Sanguine Bond .

So here we are now: 10 years after I started playing MTG, and I'm comming full circle to the elegant simplicity of Lifelink. Timmies, rejoice!


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