Ever get tired of playing against decks that have indestructible creatures? Welcome to Wither, The Land of -1/-1 Counters.

This deck is built so that you can gain control of your opponents' creatures when they die because most sources of damage are wither.

This is the multiple enemy build for the deck. The single opponent version can be found here Wither Capture

Everlasting Torment and Necroskitter are the centerpieces. Worst case scenario, you swing and lose your creatures but significantly weaken theirs. Best case scenario, you gain some new friends or do a boat load of damage to your opponent. You also have a few burn spells to help you kill off and take control of their creatures.

Mogis, God of Slaughter will help out with keeping your opponent's board clear or lowering their life. He may gain some -1/-1 counters if he blocks so you'll want to use Fate Transfer to move them off of him and potentially kill one of their creatures.

I like Lightning Reaver in this build more than Demigod of Revenge but depending on what your group is putting in their decks they can be very interchangeable.

The sideboard is a work in progress. With my local meta there is a very popular Myr deck so I'll probably have a couple answers to artifacts.

I'd like to say "Thank you" to Darth_Savage for giving his suggestions. I think that they are great and have helped this deck out a bunch.


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Removed: 2 Kaervek the Merciless, 4 Lightning Reaver, 4 Pharika's Chosen, 4 Skuttlemutt, 2 Kolaghan's Command, 4 Roast

Added: 2 Ashenmoor Liege, 4 Demigod of Revenge, 4 Oona's Gatewarden, 4 Stigma Lasher, 4 Fate Transfer, 2 Infiltration Lens


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