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Pro Thieves don't knock on doors.

They just come in, get out, and you're screwed.

Same with this deck.

I attack, you don't block cuz you can't, I steal your life, you're screwed.

Now how does that work?

Remember, smart people don't play by the rules...


Early game:



  • Vineshaper Mystic: Straightforward. +1/+1's are always welcome.

  • Rishkar, Peema Renegade: Almost the same as Vineshaper Mystic, except for the mana ability.

  • Herald of Secret Streams: The win-con in most games, granting unblockability for all creatures with +1/+1's on them (not just merfolk)

  • Verdurous Gearhulk: The hyperbomb to deploy when you feel like having a Timmy-eruption or when everything else fails. Great value (8/8 trample) for 3, if you want to evaluate it like a Johnny, but then again if you are a Johnny, chances are, you've already evaluated this card a long time ago. I'm talking too much.

  • Deeproot Waters: 1 word: Tokens. 2 words: why not. Of course, you can switch this out for a second Verdurous Gearhulk if you want.




This deck is pretty similar to Corbin Hosler's Ixalan Merfolk Deck, but has an alternate token strategy and a bit of ramp built in. Anyways, Merfolk is one of my favorite mtg tribe so this is of course the first Tribal Ixalan deck I made.


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