So, I recently acquired Eureka, and what a lovely card it is. I wanted to build an EDH deck around it, with the idea being that I stack my hand with fatties, then Eureka to out board advantage my opponents. However, I also didn't want it to be the only win-condition, so I included some other "cheats" like Show and Tell, with a heavy focus on dumping into the graveyard and bringing the fatties back with things like reanimate, Liliana, Death's Majesty, and Ever After, etc.


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Added in some new cards I obtained; also the new blue elder dinosaur. I'm thinking I might get rid of Torrential Gearhulk and replace with something that has a little more ummph, such as Mikaeus or the new black elder dino. The gearhulk hasn't been as useful as he seems, since I never seem to have a lot of instants in my graveyard; and if I do, its usually too late in the game to matter enough.



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