Breya, Etherium Sculptor

Hi everyone, welcome to the primer of my Breya's deck!

At its core this is a critical mass artifact deck. It's composed mainly by artifacts, cards that generate artifacts (Thopters, Servos, Myrs, among others) and pay-off cards who care for large quantities of artifacts. Artifacts in play can of course be used as fodder to fuel and enhance Breya's abilities.

Breya, Etherium Sculptor

Mana Cost:

  • 4 CMC on Yore-Tiller colors
  • 4-color commander require proper mana fixing if we want to cast it early (which we do)



Decent stats for a 4cmc Commander. 6 hits to kill a player with commander damage.


Legendary Artifact Creature — Human

Big list containing some auto-includes for artifact-based decks

Possible inclusions: Helm of the Host (copying Breya adds 3 artifacts to the board)

Inclusions: Master Transmuter (cheat artifacts from your hand into play)

Oracle Text:

When Breya, Etherium Shaper enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 blue Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying.

{2}, Sacrifice two artifacts: Choose one —

- Breya deals 3 damage to target player or planeswalker

- Target creature gets -4/-4 until end of turn

- You gain 5 life

For 4 mana we add 3 bodies to the battlefield which happen to be artifacts. This ability alone is exactly what we want to be doing which is to achieve a high artifact count.

Breya has a 4/4 body which is not very impressive by EDH's standards but it's more than enough to deter a lot of pesky attackers and can hit opponents that are not able to assemble proper defences (her -4/-4 ability can help here). The 2 Thopters are just 1/1's but they give us some defensive chump-blocking options, can often hit opponents that do not have flyers and last but not least be used (just like Breya) as sacrifice fodder.

Breya's activated abilities require 2 generic mana + 2 sacrificed artifacts. This activation even if costly it should not constitute a problem. Breya alone offers fodder for 1 and a half activations and the rest of the deck's composition are mostly artifacts anyways.

But what do we get for this?

Breya deals 3 damage to target player or planeswalker

With the first ability we can ping an opponent (and even kill him if his life total is lower than 4), or if there's just one opponent left and he is in "shooting-range" we can sacrifice most of our board to ping him until he's dead.

Dealing 3 damage to a planeswalker is also extremely useful and something that I often overlook, but shouldn't!

Target creature gets -4/-4 until end of turn

The second ability is the one we use the most. At the moment it kills roughly 70% of all commanders and a whopping 87% of all non-Legendary commander-legal creatures. That's a lot of possible targets and it comes really handy when we need to get rid of nasty commanders or creatures that are just bringing too much value to their owners.

You gain 5 life

The ability we use the least but when we use it we are definitely glad we have it!


Breya, Etherium Sculptor Rulings

YES, if you like:

  • Engine/Value/Synergy decks
  • Math and critical mass strategies
  • Using all 7 zones (library, hand, battlefield, graveyard,..)
  • Complicated board-states
  • Playing archenemy
  • Making some big splashy plays

NO, if you like:

  • Straightforward strategies
  • Being combat-centric
  • Being combo-centric
  • Assessing board-states easily
1x Aether Spellbomb #Blink #Card_Draw/Selection #Sac 1x Altar of the Brood #ETB #Tutorable 1x Austere Command #Board_Wipe 1x Baleful Strix #Card_Draw/Selection #ETB 1x Blinkmoth Urn 1x Bojuka Bog #ETB #Graveyard_Hate #Land 1x Brittle Effigy #Tutorable 1x Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer 1x Burnished Hart #Ramp/Fixing #Sac 1x Clock of Omens 1x Codex Shredder #Recurssion 1x Cogworker's Puzzleknot 1x Conjurer's Closet #Blink 1x Crystal Shard #Blink 1x Curse of Opulence 1x Darksteel Juggernaut 1x Deadeye Navigator #Blink 1x Deadeye Plunderers 1x Dispatch 1x Efficient Construction 1x Erratic Portal #Blink 1x Etherium Sculptor #Ramp/Fixing 1x Fact or Fiction 1x Faerie Artisans 1x Feldon of the Third Path 1x Filigree Angel #ETB 1x Foundry Inspector #Ramp/Fixing 1x Genesis Chamber 1x Godless Shrine 1x Grand Architect 1x Hidden Stockpile 1x Hurkyl's Recall 1x Indomitable Archangel 1x Indomitable Creativity 1x Intuition 1x Junk Diver #Recurssion 1x Karn, Scion of Urza #Card_Draw/Selection #Tokens 1x Karn, Silver Golem 1x Krark-Clan Engineers 1x Leonin Abunas 1x Lotus Petal #Tutorable 1x Loyal Apprentice 1x March of the Machines 1x Marsh Flats #Land 1x Master Trinketeer 1x Mechanized Production 1x Merchant's Dockhand 1x Metalworker 1x Mind Stone #Card_Draw/Selection #Ramp/Fixing #Sac 1x Mindslaver #Sac 1x Mirrorworks 1x Mox Amber #Tutorable 1x Mox Opal #Tutorable 1x Muzzio, Visionary Architect 1x Mycosynth Golem 1x Mycosynth Wellspring #ETB #Ramp/Fixing 1x Myr Matrix 1x Myr Retriever #Recurssion 1x Myr Turbine 1x Myrsmith 1x Mystic Gate 1x Nihil Spellbomb #Card_Draw/Selection #Graveyard_Hate #Sac 1x Nuisance Engine 1x Oblivion Stone #Board_Wipe #Sac 1x One with the Machine 1x Orochi Hatchery #Tokens #Tutorable 1x Pact of Negation #Tutorable 1x Padeem, Consul of Innovation 1x Panharmonicon #ETB 1x Phyrexian Rebirth 1x Pia and Kiran Nalaar 1x Pithing Needle #ETB #Tutorable 1x Pitiless Plunderer 1x Precursor Golem 1x Rebuild 1x Reflecting Pool #Land 1x Reprocess 1x Revel in Riches 1x Roar of Reclamation 1x Ruthless Knave 1x Saheeli's Artistry 1x Saheeli, the Gifted 1x Scarecrone #Card_Draw/Selection #Recursion #Sac 1x Scrap Trawler #Recurssion 1x Servo Schematic 1x Sharuum the Hegemon CMDR 1x Shimmer Myr #Flash 1x Skeleton Shard #Recurssion 1x Sly Requisitioner 1x Spell Swindle 1x Sphinx Summoner #ETB #Tutor 1x Spine of Ish Sah 1x Sram's Expertise 1x Steel Overseer 1x Stoneforge Masterwork 1x Strip Mine 1x Sun Titan #ETB #Recurssion 1x Sunken Ruins 1x Sydri, Galvanic Genius 1x Tezzeret, Master of Metal 1x The Antiquities War 1x Thirst for Knowledge 1x Thopter Squadron 1x Trophy Mage #ETB #Tutor 1x Universal Solvent #Sac #Tutorable 1x Unstable Obelisk #Ramp/Fixing #Sac #Tutorable 1x Vandalblast #Artifact_Hate 1x Vedalken Archmage #Card_Draw/Selection 1x Vedalken Orrery #Flash 1x Venser, the Sojourner #Blink 1x Volrath's Stronghold #Land #Recursion 1x Voltaic Key #Untap 1x Voyager Staff #Blink #Sac #Tutorable 1x Walking Ballista #Creature_Hate #Player_Hate #Sac 1x Wayfarer's Bauble #Ramp/Fixing #Sac #Tutorable 1x Whir of Invention #Tutor 1x Whirler Rogue 1x Wild-Field Scarecrow #Ramp/Fixing #Sac 1x Yawgmoth's Will #Recurssion


commander:WUBR legal:commander -is:vanilla

o:artifacts / o:artifact o:tokens / o:artifact o:token / o:"artifacts you control" / o:"Whenever an artifact" t:artifact / o:"Whenever a creature dies" t:artifact / o:each o:artifact / o:"all artifacts"


Memnarch , Hellkite Igniter , Nim Deathmantle , Riddlesmith , Master of Etherium , Sharding Sphinx

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