ETB's and GTFO's


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The entire purpose of this deck is to utilize white creature etb's, i.e., enter the battle field abilities, as well as blue return to library abilities., with flicker and unsummon spells/abilities. All creatures benefit heavily from what i consider the two centerpieces of the deck to be (the 4 unsummons and 4 cloudshifts as well as Deadeye's ability). Mind control was of course chosen as creature control, but especially because of its interaction with cloudshift; which brings enchanted creatures under your permanent control. Sleep, although it does not play into the concept of the deck, I felt it completely necessary when paired with sunblast angel as a battlefield clearer (considering replacing it with something like tradewinds in the maybe board). Cathar's is included of course because of the benefit of stacking counters with the bounces/flickers. Im considering making space for geist honored monk in order to spit out spirit tokens which would become progressively stronger with cathar's, though I have yet to determine if it is more valuable than sunblast as a late game card. Snapcaster would replace gomazoa if I had him.

Any comments criticisms would be welcome. Enjoy.


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