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Etali, Primal Storm Artifacts & Thievery

Commander / EDH Artifact Combo Mono-Red Ramp Turns


Mono Red EDH deck for Etali, Primal Storm with a major focus on artifacts for mana dorks, spell steal and copy effects.

Notes: Shooting for combos with Strionic Resonator + Prototype Portal for example or Energy Chamber + Everflowing Chalice combo with Clock of Omens used to untap artifact. There are a lot of great combos with a focus in Extra combats

Vicious Shadows combo with board wipe can easily win a game enough mana resources available with combos to come out of no where with that one.

Ashnod's Altar was a recent add since there are many ways to take control of other creatures on the board, better to sack it for mana than give it back to the other team! Also works well with combo off of Mimic Vat to get back some mana since you have to sack it anyway

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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