• Enchanted Evening + Estrid, the Masked - Enchanted Evening makes all permanents become enchantments (in addition to their other types). Estrid's ultimate discards 7 from the top of the library, then returns all enchantments from the graveyard, then all Auras. All permanents are then put from the graveyard and directly into play without paying their cost
  • Doubling Season + Enchanted Evening + Estrid, the Masked - Essentially the same combo as before, but Estrid's interaction with Doubling Season makes her ultimate easier to reach. When Estrid is cast, Doubling Season places twice as many loyalty counters on her. Estrid now starts with 6 loyalty counters instead of 3. Activate Estrid's first ability for +2, and you now have 8 loyalty counters in one go.
  • Doubling Season + Estrid, the Masked + Oath of Teferi - Adding Oath of Teferi to the mix really helps get Estrid's ultimate activated in one turn. This enchantment allows planeswalkers to activate abilities twice in a turn. When Estrid is cast, she comes into play with 6 loyalty counters because of Doubling Season, then activate her first ability giving you 2 more counters, then finally remove 7 counters to activate her ultimate, leaving Estrid with 1 loyalty counter left.

I will likely be cycling several creatures out for more Enchantment Creatures so that this deck does not rely so heavily on Enchanted Evening to be in play. I am also considering adding Laboratory Maniac to the deck or sidedeck in the event something goes wrong as I mill my own deck.


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