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Estrid Bogles Oathbreaker

Oathbreaker GWU (Bant)


Inspired by modern's w/g auras deck named after everyone's favorite hexproof creature, Slippery Bogle . Trying to add some enchantment based removal (currently considering Nevermore and Imprisoned in the Moon ).

Game plan: cast a low cmc hexproof creature as soon as possible, pump it up and give it some evasion with low casting cost auras. Crush opponents.

I didn't have all the hexproof creatures I wanted to include so I filled some of the creature slots with creatures that love enchantments like Aura Gnarlid and Blessed Spirits .

Oathbreaker: Estrid, the Masked

In a singleton format Estrid's color identity allows for the best hexproof creatures as well as the best auras. Her abilities naturally synergize with enchantments and support the strategy. After very little 1v1 testing Estrid does not need to enter the battlefield to win with this deck.

+2: Untap each enchanted permanent you control. This ability will work as psuedo-vigilance for our enchanted creatures allowing us to swing away and then untap them to leave strong defenses available. Also, this ability will untap any enchanted lands usually allowing cast our signature spell or more auras the turn Estrid enters the battlefield.

-1: Create a white aura enchantment named Mask attached to another target permanent. The token has enchant permanent and totem armor. This ability will add extra protection for board wipes and in many cases help pump our creatures.

Signature spell: Kruphix's Insight

This spell will help replenish our hand late game with important enchantments.

Alternate signature spell: Winds of Rath

Potentially a one sided board wipe. Resets board against aggro decks or clears blockers. (Will be play testing this inside the 58).


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-nyx sheep -oath of teferi

+herald of the pantheon +winds of rath



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