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Standard* Aggro Mono-Green



Basic idea is to get the Sword on the field turn two and then stick it to a mana dork, or get a Geist down turn 2 and give it a Sword turn 3. Dungrove for mid-game stability, and of course the late-game Revenge win. Essence helps recover from a Devastation Tide, as once he lands you can just pile the dorks out for a slew of 6/6s next turn. He also prevents you from overextending into too many bombs. Garruk can hit turn 4 or 5 for a draw of 5 or 6, which can recover from mana flood/screw or feed you the dorks to use with Essence. Green Sun can find Acidic Slime, Essence, whatever you need. Finally, the Batterskull can do fine on it's lonesome, stuck to a Birds for stability, paired with a Sword, or best of all dropped with an Essence for a 10/10 lifelinker. After that you could even return then drop to feed more Essences onto the field.

It's designed to race through control, or keep pace with aggro since you can chump till a bomb. Thinking about some Beast Within's, maybe main, maybe side? It needs a way to handle Venser/Escort. Ideas welcome, I might have missed something glaringly obvious :)


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