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Esper Ugin, the Ineffable

Standard WUB (Esper)


I began building this deck out of sheer curiosity, feeling like it was just jank crammed into sleeves to make use of some Ugin, the Ineffable cards that I had opened along the way. As I continued playing with the deck (because it was SO much fun), and tweaking the built for some specific and surprisingly powerful interactions, it has really come to be one of the more dominating Standard decks in my collection. I truly think that while this may not be Teir 1 as it stands, it is incredibly competitive and may be a starting point for others to make a format-defining deck from.

Initial play-pattern notes: Flux Channeler is bonkers in this deck in relation to all the planeswalkers and Ugin's Conjurant. (I have once had more than 30 loyalty counters spread across 4 planeswalkers, consistently activating each of them every turn.) The card draw in this deck and the ability to dig with Narset makes it very feasible to see your entire deck in a medium to long game. That is one of the reasons (albeit not the only one) for including a one-of Jace, Weilder of Mysteries. I've never had to 'lab maniac' win, but I've been in the position to easily make it possible a few times.

There is some easy work to do in the sideboard, and likely some main deck alterations to improve the build from a more polished Esper Control list. Admittedly, I am a bit of a purest with new sets for the first few weeks after release, and so, this list is mainly seeing exactly what these cards can do and want to do. Also, Vorthos at heart, that's the main reason why Oketra is in the side, not main-decked.

Really really, this is is FUN, and very potent. If you're looking for something to do with Ugin in standard, I honestly recommend trying something like this out.


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