So I saw the card Bitter Ordeal recently and it made me want to brew up a deck with it. After looking around on the interwebs, most decks I saw felt very weak to disruption and I thought I'd test it in an Esper Control shell with the gravestorm combo as an extra win con.

for those that don't know of the combo it either works with Heartless Summoning + Myr Retriever x2 or Sharuum the Hegemon x2 or Phyrexian Metamorph/Sculpting Steel for infinite deaths and then cast Bitter Ordeal to exile their deck.

Should also mention this is not thought to be a tier 1 deck to win a PT or a GP but rather something that can win a FNM and perhaps make it somewhere in a bigger tournament.

Edit: Tried making a grixis verion of the deck here


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