Credit for the idea behind the shell of the deck goes to redditor: weewooweewoo.

So let me explain the deck. I will go by CMC when evaluating each cards role in the deck.


The absence of scrylands should be an obvious first glance. The deck is geared more towards aggressive starts. Turn 1 scryland with Thoughtseize feels bad. Other than that with a basic set of shocks and basics were done. Easy.

1 Drops:

-4x Soldier of the Pantheon: Our first 'Hatebear' (not technically a bear but still). He is our one drop beater. He hates on multicolor spells and he swings for two! Awesome.

  • 3x Springleaf Drum : Seems like a strange choice but it has a role in helping our inspired creatures (all 9 of them) go of the turn after they hit the board instead of two turns after. Also it taps the cards we don't want to attack with so we can constantly use the inspire trigger without fear of losing our creature to a block. Sweet.

2 Drops:

  • 4x Brain Maggot: Hard to use, but useful none-the-less. Generally, you probably want to take the card that would remove him. Just be careful to keep him protected least he gets removed and then the card underneath is turned against one of your other creatures.

  • 4x Disciple of Deceit: One of the main engines of the deck. Essentially repeatable tutor for whatever you could use at the moment. As well as a nice body when compared to most two drops, can attack into a lot and if your opponent drops a fatty then value can still be had with springleaf drum. Tutortastic.

  • 3x Pain Seer: The card draw engine the deck deserves, maybe not the one it needs though. Oh well. Its a bear, it draws cards. Kick-ass.

  • 2x Imposing Sovereign : Yay for controlling elements that swing for two! This guy helps slow down your opponent and gain good tempo for your game plan. Makes it to where your opponents creatures also cannot block until the turn after they ETB. Tutorable and cheap. Value town!

3 Drops:

  • 3x Athreos, God of Passage: One word. Re-cur-sion. Unless they want to take 3 every time you trade creatures they are gonna be seeing Sin Collector s, Brian maggot s and Lifebane Zombie s come back to shit all over their hand again and again.

  • 1x Banisher Priest: Bear. Check. Hates on opponents board state. Check. Decent three drop. Check. Please have a seat over here and meet your new friends of the deck.

  • 3x Lifebane Zombie : Shits all over G/W decks. Even if your opponent isnt in G/W, game 1 he can still be used for info gathering and boarded out for the rest of the match. The highest power in the deck thus useful for a good clock since unless your opponent is in B there arent any blocks.

  • 2x Sin Collector : Thoughtseizes younger cousin. Info gathering, control hating beast. Removal remover. Two powered attack and trade fodder. Good times.

  • 2x Siren of the Silent Song: Another hand disrupter. Also the only flyer outside of a Gifted creature. With the added benefit of taking their draw and potentially screwing up any scrys as well as a two powered flyer, this one is in for good.

  • 1x Gift of Orzhova : Tutor target extrodanare. This will help recoup all that lifeloss from shocks and Thoughtseize. Can give any of your creatures that extra boost and evasion to close out games.

  • 3x Hero's Downfall: Something slip by all the hand disruption? This is the answer. 3 of please.

So those are the cards and by now youve probably gleaned that the general idea of the deck is to play heavy hand disruption on the back of creatures that will give value from attacking and possibly trading as long as Athreos is on the field as well.

The deck curves like a beast with 11, 13 and 15 one, two and three drops respectively. Each cmc area gives plenty tutor targets and discards from Disciple of Deceit.

The sideboard is just generic against an unknown metagame.

I am trying to think of any other cards that might go well with the deck. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Thanks!


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