Enchantment Exalted Aggro.

Essentially, you'll drop an Invisible Stalker followed by Dark Favor or a couple Ethereal Armors for quick damage. I use Knight of Glory and Knight of Infamy for a bit of color protection (and exalted), with Vampire Nighthawk as a deterrent to attacks. Negates and Oblivion Rings are for pacing and control. A little help from Spectral Flight if you need some more flying or just want the +2/+2, and Bonds of Faith works as a creature buffer or stopper (i side boarded Pacifism in case of human decks!). Essence Harvest is really the icing on the cake, dealing some serious second main phase damage and life-gain, almost always my win condition.

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I have officially retired this deck.

I updated a couple things with Return to Ravnica, and I'm very happy with it. My current Type 2 deck is deck:bant-angelblinkcontrol, if you'd like to help me there I'd really appreciate it, thanks :D

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