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Very competitive Esper control deck that I have been playing for months. I am very happy with where this deck is in the current meta, having good matchups against Izzet Drake, W/x Weenie, Mono Red, W/x Angels, and most likely Golgari (which I somehow still haven't played against yet). Currently, the Jeskai Control matchup is basically unwinnable. I am trying out Adanto Vanguard in the sideboard to hopefully get a free win after they bring out most of their removal, but I don't want to make my other matchups worse to combat one deck. +1 if you like it, and please let me know if you have any suggestions as well as the reason why they would be good in this deck. Enjoy!


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Round 1: Dimir Surveil, 2-0 Round 2: Izzet Drake, 2-0 Round 3: Izzet Drake, 2-1 Round 4: Jeskai Control, 0-2 Round 5: Boros Angels, 2-1 Round 6: Intentional draw with clear cut to top 8. Quarterfinals: Izzet Drake, 1-2. This version of Drake was different that the other two I played against previously. I lost the final game to a -7 of Sarkhan, Fireblood combined with drawing too many lands. Conclusion: This deck is absolutely fantastic if you are expecting a lot of Izzet Drake and midrange. While I lost to Drake in my last round, I believe I could have won with slightly more favorable draws. I think the mono white and mono blue matchups are favorable as well, but can be iffy. Weak matchups are Jeskai Control and Mono Red Frenzy.

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