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Erza Scarlet Protector of Fiore: Titania *PRIMER*

Commander / EDH* Combo Land Destruction Mono-Green


Welcome to my Titania list!

Frankly I'm a Fairy Tail Fan. Erza "Titania" Scarlet is my favorite character and this is a tribute to Titania using...Titania!

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*Plot armor not included unfortunately

Titania does something very interesting. Every time a land is destroyed she creates a 5/3 vanilla elemental. How can we use this to generate advantage? Well in Titania lands like Terramorphic Expanse Fetch Lands and other utility lands become much more useful. Arguably has one of the more complex mana bases for a mono colored commander. Perhaps this has to do with her connection with the land.

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For this deck I'm breaking our lands into 3 categories. Ramp/Fetch Lands, Utility Lands, and of course, Basics.

Fetch Lands: These lands fetch basics directly out of our deck and put them onto the battlefield. This helps thin our deck, smooth out or draws and get ahead on land. Being that we are an aggro deck this is extremely important. We're looking to win decisively on turns 5-7. I am aware this puts us out of range of most high tier competitive circles but this is supposed to be fun right?

Terramorphic Expanse

Evolving Wilds

Misty Rainforest

Verdant Catacombs

Wooded Foothills

Windswept Heath

City of Traitors

Utility Lands: This is our utility belt. These lands provide us with unique abilities.

Ancient Tomb Is a good land. I don't know what else to say about it really.

Buried Ruin Retrieves an artifact from our graveyard should it be destroyed. Given that two of our major win conditions are artifacts this is an obvious inclusion.

Command Beacon Shenanigans! With Titania's enter the battlefield ability we can use this card to get around having to pay increasingly large commander taxes.

Crystal Vein A set it and forget it one time self sacrificing ramp card.

Dryad Arbor The original man land. Tutoring for this on 0 turn 1 with Green Sun's Zenith is always fun. For us.

Dust Bowl Ghost Quarter Tectonic Edge Wasteland Destroying non-basic lands is really fun. Sacrificing our basic lands to get elementals and keep a multicolor deck off one color? Priceless

Strip Mine Well I listed the non basic land destroyers together, the best destroy target land card gets to stand alone. Creates the infamous Mine-Crucible Lock with any of our multiple lands per turn cards also in play.

Field of Ruin another ghost quarter

Glacial Chasm The Upkeep isn't so bad, we can also let it die and then bring it back several different ways in this deck as needed. Slows aggro strategies tremendously.

Petrified Field Self-sacrificing land retriever.

Gemstone Mine Taps 3 times for colors then blows itself up to provide us a token!

Hickory Woodlot Similar to Gemstone Mine in function

Gaea's Cradle Do I really need to say anything about this card?

Lotus Vale and to a lesser extent Scorched Ruins both these cards demand we sacrifice lands to put them into play. It furthers our strategy but it is highly punishable by opponents prepared for such shenanigans.

enter image description here

Each of these guys has been carefully selected for utility or to be a game finisher. I'll talk about each one here. Also for Fairy Tail Flavor, they've been Monster Classed.

Avenger of Zendikar Monster Class: A

A classic green finisher which puts in much work here. Easily creates an army in a can and with two of our "Finishing spells" it'll turn that army into a right proper problem for the opponents!

Azusa, Lost but Seeking Class S. This girl is crazy! She helps us ramp late game and with the assistance of Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator with Strip Mine can be absolutely backbreaking.

Craterhoof Behemoth Monster Class: S

What needs to be said about Hoof that hasn't already been said about Hoof? If The Hoof comes down, you get Hoofed.

Elvish Mystic Monster class: D

D is the lowest class. In this case D stands for Dork. As in Mana Dork.

Eternal Witness Monster Class: B

Recurs ANYTHING. Super Duper Handy.

Greenwarden of Murasa Monster Class: B

A big body that recurs something on entry and exit. He just gives and gives.

Llanowar Elves Monster Class: D

What does D stand for again?

Lotus Cobra Monster Class: C

All hail the Landfall Snek. For he is almighty and generates great mana advantage!

Oracle of Mul Daya Monster Class: B

Oracle is a classic. Smooths out draws, ramps like a motherfucker. Fits into our multiple lands per turn strategy (More on that in the enchantments section.)

Ramunap Excavator Monster Class: A


Sakura-Tribe Elder Monster Class: C

Steve as I affectionately call him is a quick little ramping chump blocker. Great early. Not so great late.

Scavenging Ooze Monster Class: B

Graveyard hate. Because seriously fuck Meren.

Sylvan Safekeeper Monster Class: A

What? A 1/1 that's A class! Why yes young padawan. He protects our creatures and Titania well also generating 5/3's well doing something we want to do anyway. Bonus points if you go whole hog at the end of your opponents turn and get in the big swing with pseudo haste.

Tireless Tracker Monster Class: A

The card advantage generated here is insane, and, she gets bigger. It doesn't take long (as long as I remember all my triggers) for her to get out of hand.

Turntimber Sower Monster Class: A

I like blockers and we're going to sack lands anyway! Plus this buddies with Avenger of Zendikar and Craterhoof Behemoth

World Breaker Monster Class: A

Guy comes in, exiles a thing, leaves, creates a token, comes back in, exiles a thing...And he hangs out on the battlefield using his gloriously fat ass as a blocker.

World Shaper Monster Class: A

I like this guy. Chord of Calling in response to a boardwipe seems really fun. Plus we need more Splendid Reclamation Effects.

enter image description here

In this category we'll hit each spell and what it's going to be used for.


Beast Within Removal. In Green. For anything.

Chord of Calling One of many useful tutors in this deck. Go find a creature. Sometimes I use the tokens I generate on the turn on generate them to make use of them if they don't have haste.


Crop Rotation land sacrifice to tutor for another land. Useful.

Harrow Ramp and land sacrifice. Risky though. Easily punished.

Heroic Intervention I like this cause it stops boardwipes from being a death knell sometimes. Indestructible AND Hexproof? Ballin'

Krosan Grip Destroy target artifact or enchantment. I have yet to see someone stop it from hitting its target.

Natural Affinity This is a funny ass card. Someone wraths and they Armageddon themselves. Bonus points if Titania is on the board and you close out with the tokens she produces.

Nature's Claim Giving an opponent 4 life is not going to matter. Effective removal of a barricade at one mana? That matters.

Realms Uncharted Versatile land tutor. You'll get what you want and there are plenty of ways to return the lands you lose back to your hand.

Unravel the Aether This is a strange one. But it ultimately serves because I have to deal with Theros Gods in my meta. One of the few ways to make them temporarily vanish.


Cultivate / Kodama's Reach RAMP.

Edge of Autumn also ramp. But late game can be cycled away for an elemental token and a free card draw.

Green Sun's Zenith Tutor a creature. Repeat. Shuffle it in. Do it again...So on.

Life from the Loam This is a weird one. I'm still learning how best to use it and how to Dredge. But I like it. It does good work and allows me to recur lands as needed.

Life's Legacy Generally you're going to sack a token to this thing. Draw 5 cards for 2 mana and smile.

Regrowth I love how Green Recursion is just like "Oh you need that from your yard. Go get it. I love you Green.

Scapeshift A recent (and expensive) add to this deck. If it resolves, you're probably going to win. It's a nasty way to make a lot of tokens. Real fast.

Skyshroud Claim Moar Ramp!

Splendid Reclamation Mass Land grave return. One of our major win cards. Check under the "How does it Win?" Tab.

Sylvan Scrying Tutor yourself a specific land. Hint if you have Crucible. It's usually Strip Mine.

Tempt with Discovery It's amazing how many people will take this bet And amazing how much we get out of it. I like grabbing a bunch of fetch lands early or whatever specific thing we might need late.

enter image description here

I decided to group these two together cause there's only like 7. So Each serves a purpose as you'll see.


Claws of Gix This is a bad Zuran Orb as it doesn't let us tap and hold the mana in our pool to combo off as nicely as the orb does but in a pinch it suffices to allow us to sacrifice all our lands on our opponents turn to make a bunch of tokens and punch them in the face.

Crucible of Worlds Ah yes. Where would we be without this card? It let's us play fetch lands out of our graveyard and creates an engine of token production and land grabs that make it worth its price tag.

Expedition Map : It's surprising how often I want to find a specific land in this deck so we're using a tron staple to do so.

Lightning Greaves A way to give haste and protection to Titania and any other creature we need to.

Mana Crypt grand daddy of all mana rocks.

Mox Diamond Ramp

Sol Ring is Sol Ring.

Zuran Orb An instant speed land sacrifice outlet that generates life and tokens and blockers and is a major league win condition.


We only have 2.

Garruk Wildspeaker He sits here untapping lands and occasionally I ult him to get a big swing. But mostly he exists to untap lands.

Nissa, Vital Force Mostly with this one I like to just try and sneak her ultimate under the radar as a card draw engine. Her -3 is useful for the same reason Regrowth is and her +1 can create a beater.

enter image description here

Asceticism Pretty straightforward. Protects our dudes.

Burgeoning / Exploration I group these two together because if they're in your opener you're about to have a good time. The ability to play multiple lands a turn or on our opponent's turns makes for some seriously explosive starts.

Concordant Crossroads Yes this gives everything haste. You're playing this if you're swinging for lethal.

Carpet of Flowers this can really bust games wide open. No joke the mana just randomly generated by this thing is great.

Elemental Bond This procs every time we make a token and it really lets us draw a bunch of cards.

Food Chain game winning combo with Titania and Command Beacon. See Winning

Greater Good Generally you're using this in combination with something like Zuran Orb to get a game winning combo.

Mirri's Guile Topdeck fixing at its finest in Commander.

Song of the Dryads Turns off problematic commanders. Extraordinarily useful piece of removal.

Sylvan Library This at the very least helps set up turns in the future. Or you can get greedy and draw a bunch of extra cards. Either way you won't be sad.

enter image description here

enter image description here

This is first and foremost an aggro deck so the beatdown plan is in full effect. HIT THEM. Be aggressive.

That said we have some combos to assemble an army in a can.

Zuran Orb + Splendid Reclamation with our commander = The march of the ents. Add Concordant Crossroads for a big ol' lethal swing. Generally this is how I win, adding various buffs to my tokens.

Food Chain + Titania, Protector of Argoth + Command Beacon = Infinite mana + Infinite tokens!


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