This is my mono blue control deck. The main theme is not so much control, though there are controls in place, but it has some different win-cons in there. Such as Laboratory Maniac for example. I plan on placing in card such as Tamiyo in place of Venser's Journal, and then Omniscience as a mana alternative, though i don't know what exactly I would take out. Counterbalance is a good constant counter possibility and so is Ertai, though he's more passive, just kind of out there use occasionally when needed. Eternal Dominion is a kind of last resort if I have a hard time controlling the game, the idea would be to find the win-cons in my opponents decks and use them if I have use my own, it also stops me from draw just incase something happens where I lose laboratory maniac and have to find other ways to win.


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Added a Consecrated Sphinx and Enter the Infinite.

Enter the Infinite allows me to draw my deck out and place one card in place. I can then cast a Laboratory Maniac with enough mana, or with Omniscience as well as any card draw spells. If all else fails I will cast Consecrated Sphinx and when my opponent draws his or her next card I will draw two to draw out and win with Laboratory Maniac.


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