When I saw Epic Experiment I new that it was going to be the center of this rotations decks for me. In the end I ended up settling on u/r and hopefully you will soon see why.


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Here goes nothing.

The deck relies on getting out human and goblin tokens and then killing your opponent after some fancy card play by casting Burn at the Steak for lethal damage on turn 3-5. Right now the deck seems to be able to do this about 60% of the time without a problem. It uses Faithless Looting and Mass Appeal to draw anywhere from 2-6+ cards in a turn with ease. Probably the biggest all star in the deck is Arcane Melee considering you win the next turn 90% of the time and you can play it as early as turn 3 if you have a good hand.

Right now the decks sideboard is in construction and needs to see some solid play testing before I make any decisions on what will be put in but all suggestions will be considered (well most anyhow).


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