This deck is my prototype standard deck. I've played about 15-20 games on Cockatrice and usually do somewhat well.

Basically, I want to get off Epic Experiment with X equal to 5. I go through my deck via red looting from Wild Guess, Desperate Ravings, and Faithless Looting. Goblin Electromancers reduce costs of my spells and flashback as well. Krenko's Command provides early block fodder if needed.

Once I can get Epic Experiment off for 5, I reveal cards off the top of my deck hoping to hit a few token-making cards, and a Battle Hymn (or cast it from my hand after Epic Experiment). If I can hit a Past in Flames, I'll make even more tokens and cast Battle Hymn again, and hopefully I'll have a Devil's Play or a Burn at the Stake in hand or graveyard (usually graveyard as I'd discard it from looting).


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