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Foreword: Not being able to play, I've been experimenting with the cards I have to try and make some other decks rather than the initial one I had made yesterday. Hopefully this one is a lot more thought out, to a theme and generally better than my black/red deck.

Theme: This deck is based around a Mythic rare card I just discovered in the 400 or so cards I just bought. This card is "Liege of the Tangle".

With it's effect, the first portion of the deck is very much built around getting out as many mana onto the field as possible along with any other powerful green cards.

The rest of the deck is built up of easily summoned white cards that can get onto the field quickly. Quite a large majority of these cards also have effects which replenish life points.

Notes: With a lot more green cards, I'm thinking that maybe I should cut down on the amount of plains for a few more forests?


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