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This is my first brew for Aether Revolt that isn't a carry-over from previous decks I have built. I really liked the card Tezzeret's Touch so I wanted to brew around it and this is what I have come up with so far.

The idea of the deck is to put out cheap artifacts that have an etb(enter or exit) effect and then put Tezzeret's Touch on them to make them 5/5 attackers. The other win-con is to put out my cheap fliers and buff them with Chief of the Foundry.

Here is a breakdown of the decklist:


Chief of the Foundry is here to buff my artifacts. Specifically my fliers to help sneak through damage. They also stack really well if you can get multiples.

Ornithopter is everyone's favorite 0 drop. Works great with Chief of the Foundry and is a good target for Tezzeret's Touch.

Walking Ballista just seems really good. It might not be Hangarback Walker, but I feel that in this deck if it can get big enough it can function as a poor man's Shrapnel Blast to help finish off a game. It can also just be a big beater that can ping for damage if it is blocked.

Hope of Ghirapur is another one of the fliers that can be boosted by Chief of the Foundry and can really help against control decks potentially. I am still in the process of playtesting, but I like this card a lot.

Scrap Trawler is just absurd in this deck. it can grab any of my artifacts (except the chief) out of the graveyard when it or another artifact dies. The interaction with Walking Ballista is so good. Remove counters and kill a creature or hit your opponent's face and then return it to your hand to recast. With a Hope of Ghirapur and the trawler out you can completely shut down a spells deck for the most part. Which I have done in a few games and it was incredible. It's not an unbeatable combo but it can certainly win you some games.

Non-Creature Spells

Fatal Push This deck needed some interaction and this is the best card in the set, or so I am told.

Servo Schematic is one of the primary targets for Tezzeret's Touch. It creates a Servo upon entering and exiting the battlefield, but does nothing when it is actually on the battlefield. Turning it into a 5/5 that has a benefit when it is killed is pretty good.

Prophetic Prism is for card draw and is another main target for Tezzeret's Touch. Who wouldn't want to be able to recast this and draw another card should your opponent kill your 5/5??

Tezzeret the Schemer ramps your mana and fuels it's -2 which is the main reason to run it in this deck. With so little interaction it is really powerful to be able to kill many things on the board. The ultimate would be great in this deck, but I don't foresee it happening very often.

I plan on tweaking the mana base to include more colorless lands and also to determine the number this deck needs. So far it tends to flood out pretty easily with such a low curve, so I am thinking between 20-22 lands?? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!


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