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Enlisted Wurm (PDH Deckbuilding Challenge)

Pauper EDH* GW (Selesnya) Pauper Tribal



Cascade synergies:

  • topdeck manipulation (Scry, Clash, looking with e.g. Gilt-Leaf Seer, shuffle effects)
  • Explore (nice topdeck manipulation as well, just quite few in common Selesnya unfortunately)
  • max. CMC 5 in the 99
  • storable removal in enchantment form
  • other removal as unconditional as possible
  • Graft creatures (hit the battlefield before the general when cascaded into and let it grow with its entrance)
  • Kicker (pay the kicker cost if you can afford and need the effect, just get a "free" body otherwise)

As well as a minor Wurm tribal subtheme.

Maybeboard annotations: What didn't work?

  • Dragon auras (Cascade puts non-cast spells on the bottom of the library, not in the grave; to cast them, you'd need a legal target, which you might not have with the general still being on the stack)
  • Evolve creatures (hit the battlefield before the general when cascaded into and grow with its entrance, but had to be cut)
  • Kinship creatures (upkeep trigger, so you draw the card you've just seen)
  • Royal Herbalist (seems really good at first glance, but needs another topdeck manipulator around to really work, so it's highly conditional)


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