after playing izzet emerge for a while i have decided to play a new deck.

i have built this deck around Enigma Drake as without significant disruption she can be swinging turn 5 for lethal.
i've taken inspiration from 2 different modern decks to make this as streamline as possible, Storm and delver.

the good thing about this deck is its almost the optimal build. the only worthwhile addition i would make would be 4 Spirebluff Canal to add a little speed early game


this deck work is as follows

turn 1 and 2 you cycle and cantrip as much as posible
turn 3 you lay a threat either Enigma Drake or Cryptic Serpent
turn 4 you cantrip and laymore threats Stormchaser Mage, Riddleform or another of the above threats
turn 5 you storm off you play every cantrip in your hand to get as many instant's and sorcery's into the graveyard as quickly as possible perhaps even laying another threat and using Expedite to attack with it in the same turn

after a little playtesting at my local FNM i've found that games are generally over by turn 6 if not sooner.

Notes and notable plays

except in very rare cases Censor is a cantrip only!
if you play Bedlam Reveler with a Expedite in hand you can cast Expedite on Bedlam Reveler as a response to the discard trigger as Bedlam Reveler only causes discard on entry to the battlefield meaning you also get the prowess trigger.
Riddleforms trigger is an option and should be treated as such.
when you play Strategic Planning most of the time you will be fetching a land or threat over a cantrip
if you play multiple Slip Through Space in one turn play it on different creature if you can to make it harder for targeted removal to deal with
if you don't have any threats on the field you can cast Slip Through Space and Expedite targeting your opponent's creatures.
finally Riddleform has a scry ability this is an excellent way to help in drawn out games or if your mana flooded



**we are fairly even in most matchups (aggro and midrange)

but there are 2 very bad match ups first and most importantly is Izzet Control the second is gidion tribal
because of this nearly our whole side board is geared towards dealing with these two decks.
both are vulnerable to Fevered Visions both from there large hands and to mitigate the impact of their counterspells
the second auto side in is Countervailing Winds which for us is a hard counter by the time we cast it.
ive also included 2 By Force to deal with Heart of Kiran and Cultivator's Caravan and in the rare case you face it the whole of Colossus Aggro Affinity decks.

ive also included 3 Sweltering Suns to help deal with zombies and various aggro decks. Sweltering Suns is particularly effective in our deck as it doesn't kill any of our own threats.



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