If you're a fan of Elves and want to the play them in Standard then this deck is for you. However, this deck is not tribal, there's no Elf lord or cards that benefit specifically from Elves. The main strategy with Elves is energy. Using energy to best converge Skyrider Elf is the basis for the Elf strategy, but beyond that are other strategies: other energy, +1/+1 counters and ramp. Energy fixes mana colors with Servant of the Conduit, Aether Hub and Attune with Aether to converge Skyrider Elf making him a potential 5/5 flying Elf. Servant uses energy to ramp four and five drops such as Bristling Hydra and Glorybringer ahead of the curve. Hydra is the energy sink in this deck all the extra energy that's made can be poured into him making him a real threat that's hard to kill. Energy is also used as a way to gain life with Aethersphere Harvester. The +1/+1 counters strategy and ramp combine thanks to Rishkar, Peema Renegade.

The energy strategy is here for Skyrider Elf. He's an incredible Elf because he has flying. Skyrider is powered by energy in the sense that I'm using energy as different colors of mana to best converge him. This deck is using many ways to make energy Servant of the Conduit is the lone mana Elf who uses energy to make any color of mana which is just what Skyrider needs. Attune with Aether is a one mana way to make energy as well as tutor for a basic land of my choice. Both these effects are great with Skyrider. Aether Hub is an energy land that combined with an energy strategy can make any color of mana. Getting a 4/4 Skyrider turn three or a 5/5 turn four are the reasons to play him.

Flying evasion in combination with the +1/+1 counter strategy makes Skyrider a real threat who must be dealt with. He creates a bridge between energy and +1/+1 counters strategies because he begins by entering the battlefield with +1/+1 counters and I use energy to make different colors of mana to put up to five starting counters on him. Since he starts with counters he can get the benefits from Rishkar allowing him to be used also as ramp.

The Elf tandem of Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Sylvan Advocate can both be aggressive, defensive and a good source of ramp. This all works because of Advocate's vigilance. It allows Advocate to attack and then be tapped to make mana to ramp the same turn. Advocate can become a four toughness Elf turn three thanks to a single counter from Rishkar making him a great blocker as well as attacker. Aethersphere Harvester is a nice energy card because it not only makes energy when it enters the battlefield, but because it can use a single energy to gain lifelink. Harvester does three things that traditionally Elves need, its a flying threat or blocker, a source of life gain and it's resiliency to combat board wipes which are the worst effects for Elves to deal with. It has great synergy with both Rishkar and Advocate. Being able to put counters on Harvester with Rishkar can make it much more of a threat as an attacker and blocker as well as gain more life with it's lifelink ability. Advocates vigilance is very good with Harvester because I can attack with the Elf and then use him to crew Harvester on defense.

Creatures that can make energy when they enter the battlefield as well as use energy for benefits are the glue that keeps this deck together. Rogue Refiner might be the single best energy card in Standard because it's just so damn efficient; for three mana I get a three power creature, two energy and get to draw a card. Bristling Hydra may be the single best energy threat as well as sink in Standard because it can pretty much constantly as long as I have three energy protect itself with hexproof using energy. As it protects itself it grows with counters; it can get big very quick. Servant of the Conduit is an Elf, a mana Elf, he can make any color of mana using energy which is great with Skyrider Elf as well as a source of ramp for a turn three Hydra or turn four Glorybringer.

The non-creature spells in this deck also make energy. Attune with Aether is a great turn one play, one of two turn one plays in this deck, the other being Magma Spray and Attune sets a game up perfectly. So perfect that the manabase is built around this idea that I want as many chances of a untapped green source as I can turn one without overly hurting the amount of sources of other colors. Attune not only makes energy, but it also lets me search my deck for a basic land of my choice. It's the real reason that a three color Temur manabase can function. Because it can find a basic land it allows me to play less lands than normal for a midrange deck.

Casting Attune in the early game makes Harnessed Lightning very powerful. Even without Attune it's very powerful for a creature removal spell because it's unconditional; as long as I have enough energy it can kill any creature or Vehicle when it's a creature. The amount of energy this deck can make is a lot; it's not inconceivable to make 12-15+ energy in a game which lets Harnessed essentially kill any creature for only two mana.

Glorybringer is the top end creature. Temur colors lack single ways to deal with Planeswalkers other than countering them with blue counterspells, but this can be problematic if one resolves. Glorybringer is now the exception because of it's four power flying and haste which can kill or hurt a large amount of Planeswalkers most important being Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Exert is the other reason to use Glorybringer because of how powerful doing four damage to a creature can be in Standard. Being able to do this damage not once, but other times in a game really sets the Dragon apart from other top end finishers in Standard. It's not to be underestimated how powerful having access to a repeatable four damage creature removal spell that doesn't require a card is. Glorybringer is very efficient because exerting happens when I attack with it. It has haste which lets me possibly kill a creature my opponent controls even one that may be blocking me from killing a Planeswalker as well as do four damage to my opponent or a Planeswalker my opponent controls all for five mana the turn it's played.

Putting a counter on Glorybringer with Rishkar, Peema Renegade is great because this makes the Dragon a 5/5 letting it trump other Glorybringers in combat as well as to better hold back Heart of Kiran from attacking.

Temur colors gives access in the manabase to two powerful creature lands, Wandering Fumarole and Lumbering Falls. Creature lands are very good with Sylvan Advocate they give this deck some terrific resilience late game. Due the need to have as many lands enter the battlefield untapped I'm only using 1x each of these creature lands. I'm not relying on using them to win a game, but knowing there an option late game is excellent.


One of the reasons this deck is very fun is because it's so open ended. There isn't a certain sequence of plays that I have to use to win a game. I'm using defined strategies, but these strategies are all very versatile with each other. The accumulation of energy is important, but honestly it's not even needed. One thing for sure is energy is broken when it's built around and abused.

This is a gameplay guide to give better understanding of how to play this deck. I'll explain about the best cards to play on certain turns in a game; running thru some gameplay scenarios for each turn. Even though this deck is very open ended there are of course still like all decks the best cards to play on certain turns.

Breakdown of the best cards on the best turns:

  1. Turn 1: Attune with Aether or Magma Spray
  2. Turn 2: Servant of the Conduit, Sylvan Advocate or Harnessed Lightning
  3. Turn 3: Bristling Hydra, Skyrider Elf, Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Rogue Refiner or Aethersphere Harvester
  4. Turn 4: Glorybringer, Skyrider Elf or Bristling Hydra
  5. Turn 5: Glorybringer

The options for turn one are Attune with Aether or Magma Spray with Attune being the best of the two. The reason Attune is being used as a 4 of is to have the best possible way to play it turn one. There are 14x come into play untapped green sources for a turn one Attune. A turn one Attune gives me great mana color fixing which is needed to help to make my land drops because this deck is only using 21x lands which is low for a three color midrange deck. It also sets me up with two in the early game. Since Attune makes energy Aether Hub a fine turn one land drop to play it because it powers up Hub for two more times after use while also for sure giving me a land drop for the next turn.

I rarely cast Spray turn one, but having the option vs aggro is nice. Spray is by far the most controversial main deck card because it's quite bad in some popular matchups in Standard notably Temur Energy midrange and Golgari Energy midrange. I'm currently main decking Spray because it's good vs Zombies and Mardu Vehicles and the Zombie matchup is the worst matchup for this deck. Giving me an edge in game one vs Zombies or Mardu Vehicles is in my opinion worth it. I will use Spray turn one only if I have other removal in my hand such as another copy of Spray or Harnessed Lightning. The most notable creatures I like to exile turn one with Spray are Toolcraft Exemplar, Dread Wanderer or Cryptbreaker. Exiling a creature turn one is okay, but honestly most games it's just better to save the Spray for something more impactfull like 2 drops Scrapheap Scrounger, Relentless Dead or Servant of the Conduit.

Turn two I want to play Servant of the Conduit. Servant is the best turn two play because if he survives he can setup a lot of fantastic turn three and four plays. Other options turn two are Sylvan Advocate, on the draw Harnessed Lightning or playing a 2/2 Skyrider Elf. If I have a Rishkar, Peema Renegade in hand then either Advocate or a 2/2 Skyrider are fine plays because this potentially gives Rishkar a creature to put counters on other than himself turn three. If I'm on the draw I prefer to use Harnessed turn two most importantly to kill Winding Constrictor, my opponent's Servant of Conduit or leave mana open to kill crewed Heart of Kiran on my opponent's turn three. Using a Harnessed this early in the game can be dangerous therefore only a few creatures such as the Snake or Elf are targets because either one can give my opponent a huge advantage. Leaving mana open to kill Heart can only happen if I first had a turn one Attune with Aether or Aether Hub. If I didn't I won't have enough energy kill Heart. In this scenario it would be better to play Servant or Attune to get energy which would let me kill Heart on my opponent's fourth turn.

A lot of things can happen turn three and most of them are setup with Servant of the Conduit's ramp. Bristling Hydra is the best turn three play; it's actually becoming one of the most powerful turn three plays in Standard because the Hydra can protect itself after it enters the battlefield while at the same time giving itself more power. Any energy that's made after that can be used to continue to protect Hydra from removal. Two or more removal spells from my opponent are most of the time needed to stop Hydra giving me a lot of value for a four drop. Most of the time my opponent will just try to ignore Hydra instead of wasting removal spells on it, choosing to chump block it giving me the upper hand.

The other creature to ramp into play turn three is Skyrider Elf as a 4/4. Playing Skyrider turn three is tricky because I will have to use one or two energy to play him and if he's immediately killed after than I wasted that energy. The toss up is if he's not killed then I have a powerful flying threat who can start attacking the next turn. Skyrider is a magnet for removal because if he gets to start attacking he can do a lot of damage and my opponent knows this. If my opponent is playing black then it's dangerous to waste energy to converge Skyrider because of Fatal Push. Even though Skyrider might be a 4/4 or 5/5 his converted mana cost is always only two which is his starting converted mana cost. Push without even needing revolt triggered can kill Skyrider. This does make Skyrider a liability in a few matchups right now in Standard because of how good Push is. In these matchups it's better to wait to play Skyrider after my opponent has exhausted their removal.

The next best play turn three is Rishkar, Peema Renegade followed by Rogue Refiner. I will play Rishkar instead of Refiner if I played a creature turn two such as Servant, Sylvan Advocate or Skyrider Elf. Having two creatures on the battlefield who can be tapped to help to ramp Glorybringer or a combination of three drop and two drop turn four is very good. If I didn't play a creature turn two than Rishkar is the worst of the turn three plays. If I don't have anything to ramp into lacking a good turn four play, removal I might need to kill my opponent's three drop, a fourth land drop or energy needed to help Harnessed Lightning kill something I'll play Refiner because he makes energy as well as lets me draw hopefully into something useful.

Another play turn three is Aethersphere Harvester which is a fine play if I played a creature turn two because I can use that creature to crew Harvester to block and then any creature that enters play after can crew the Vehicle the turn it's played. In some scenarios playing Harvester before Rishkar is beneficial because then Rishkar can put a counter on Harvester after it's crewed. This line of play only works if I had a turn two creature, but if I did and I have both Harverster and Rishkar in hand and nothing big to ramp into I will most likely play Harverster first and then Rishkar later.

More Gameplay Coming Soon

This Deck is Born

My Elvish journey in Standard started with the release of Magic Origins and a powerful three drop Elf creature, Shaman of the Pack. She allowed Elves decks in Standard to actually work and possibly be competitive. The first version of this deck was Golgari colors (G/B) and called Golgari Elves. The very first decklist was:June 30, 2015

Chord of Calling

During the first day of playtesting on I came to the conclusion that Thoughtseize is not really needed game 1, but rather games 2 and 3 to take your opponent's board wipes and Planeswalkers. I moved 4x Seize to the sideboard for 4x main deck Chord of Calling. I quickly found out that Chord was bonkers in this deck and with Elves in general. Convoking a Chord for six to get Shaman was easy for this deck and extremely powerful.June 30, 2015

Woodland Bellower

Adding Bellower gave this deck a fantastic one of Chord target since he can find and put Shaman directly into play. At the time I could convoke a Chord for 9 using my Elves on the battlefield and lands to get a Bellower which was a powerful play, but I realized much later that Bellower really does cost too much to reliably play in this deck.July 1, 2015

Sylvan Messenger

The name Messenger Elves is born. At first I wasnt playtesting with Messenger at all. Someone in the comments section recommended that I add some Messengers because Chord can get her and since then I haven't looked back. I Added 4x Messenger to the deck and took out 4x Company.July 5, 2015

First Sideboard

Up until now I wasn't using a sideboard in my playtesting since the meta had not even remotely started to become clear. The first sideboard for this deck was a mess:I quickly found out that Deadbridge is not a good card and Seize should go back into the main deck.July 6, 2015

Winning Decklist

After taking a few weeks off from playing this deck I returned to it and developed the first completive decklist. I started winning a lot on and was feeling really good about the deck.July 20, 2015

Thoughtseize Back

I moved 4x Seize out of the sideboard and put it back in the main deck. The main reason for this change was because of Abzan and main deck Languish.

July 22, 2015

Gilt-Leaf Winnower

Winnower was a completely overlooked card by me at first. I didn't think it was a good card at all. Then Abzan with Siege Rhino became the best deck in Standard so I decided to start playtesting Winnower and was very much surprised how good he is. 1x Winnower was added to the main deck and sideboard.July 24, 2015

Chord Toolbox

This was the first really thought out sideboard plan using a variety of singleton creatures and using convoke with Chord of Calling to get any one of them when I needed them. Some interesting creatures included:This sideboard plan while neat turned out to not be needed and after a while I changed the sideboard back to a traditional plan.July 27, 2015

Downfall and Obelisk

Hero's Downfall was added main deck in place of Murderous Cut basically because of Abzan with Rhino and Elspeth. I had cut Downfalls for Cuts in the early stages because of the double black casting cost of Downfall which was a misstake. 2x Obelisk of Urd was also added which gave this deck another powerful way to win the game if I wasn't finding or drawing Shaman or Chord.Aug 15, 2015

More Nissa

At one point I was playing 4x Nissa main deck with 20 lands. I quickly found out that four Nissa is too much and 20 lands is not enough. I ended up using 3x Nissa and 21 lands for a while until I finally settled on 2x Nissa.

Aug 18, 2015

Collected Company

All this time I wasn't playing Company at all instead deciding to go with 4x Messenger as my card advantage. Company is too powerful of a card not to play in this deck because of the interaction with Shaman. I added 2x Company main deck.

Aug 19, 2015

Self-Inflicted Wound

By this time Abzan Aggro and Midrange was rampant in Standard. Wound turned out and still is a terrific sideboard card vs Abzan. Added 4x Self-Inflicted Wound to the sideboard.

Aug 24, 2015

Standard Rotation

Standard rotation was a month away, all cards from Theros block and the M15 core set can no longer be used in Standard. This deck lost a lot at this rotation with the biggest losses being Elvish Mystic, Chord of Calling, Thoughtseize and Downfall. All other elves in this deck were not affected which still left a great core in place moving forward.Sept 3, 2015

Battle for Zendikar

Battle for Zendikar while a pretty poor set in general, did give this deck three great new Elves. The returning creature type Ally and its new mechanic Rally added three Ally Elves to this deck, an excellent mana Elf in Beastcaller Savant, a flying Elf Skyrider Elf and an Elf that can mass pump a team of creatures for a turn Tajuru Warcaller. Battle also brought new powerful fetchable dual lands to Standard which allows this deck and many more to easily include a third color or more.Sept 15, 2015


With the release of Battle for Zendikar and Skyrider Elf this deck takes on a new shape by including blue as its third color, turning Messenger Elves into Sultai. Up until this point this deck was Golgari making this the first time I was splashing a third color in this deck. The first Sultai decklist was:Sept 19, 2015

Rattleclaw Mystic

I decided to replace Leaf Gilder with Rattleclaw Mystic because Mystic could help to cast since he can make blue mana a turn 3 Kiora, Master of the Depths or a 5/5 Skyrider Elf much easier then Gilder could. This change worked very well if I had either a Kiora or Skyrider in my opening hand, but was not the best with all the other elves, specifically Dwynen's Elite and Shaman of the Pack. Sept 26, 2015

Reality Shift

Before GW Megamorph was such a popular deck this deck used Reality Shift as its main deck and sideboard cheap removal spell. Shift replaced Murderous Cut. Shift could exile Hangarback Walker giving no value to your opponent in the process. Once GW Megamorph became so popular then the big drawback of giving your opponent a manifest after using Shift was too much of a negative to continue using the card.Oct 1, 2015


Added Drana, Liberator of Malakir to the main deck as another aggressive single creature threat and a powerful threat with a battlefield of Elves. Drana is another Ally creature for Tajuru Warcaller and Beastcaller Savant can help to cast her.

Oct 6, 2015

Gnarlroot Trapper

Since turning this deck into Sultai colors Gnarlroot Trapper hasnt been used because I didn't think a good manabase could be configured to have turn 1 Trapper, turn 2 Beastcaller and turn 3 Skyrider. I have retooled the manabase to make Trapper work including 10x come into play untapped black sources for a turn 1 Trapper. Trapper giving deathtouch to Skyrider is very powerful.Oct 11, 2015


Since the first version of Sultai Messenger Elves I haven't been playing Dwynen, which has been a mistake. Dark Jeskai is a very popular deck in Standard. This deck really struggles vs Jeskai and Mantis Rider. Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen is a four toughness lord Elf with reach that can attack through and block a Rider. Dwynen is also very good with Skyrider Elf because Skyrider is an Elf creature so he gets the pump from Dwynen. I added 2x Dwynen to the main in place of Drana, Liberator of Malakir because Drana is terrible vs Rider.Oct 27, 2015

Windswept Heath

After taking a break from playing this deck for a while I returned to it. All this time I have been using Bloodstained Mire and Flooded Strand as my two fetch lands because both can get all three of Sultai's color requirements. Both Mire and Strand can't fetch a Forest; this has turned out to be a large oversight by me of the building of this deck's mana base. Windswept Heath is replacing Strand in this deck because it can fetch a Forest and a blue source with Prairie Stream. Heath can't get a black source, but Mire can. Being able to have a fetch land that can fetch a Forest in the early game is very beneficial for this deck I just wish that I had realized this much earlier.Nov 21, 2015
Dec 14, 2015

Leaf Gilder

Added 4x Leaf Gilder giving this deck another two drop mana Elf. Gilder allows the possibility of a turn three Collected Company or Sylvan Messenger. Mana created by Gilder can be used to cast any spell in the deck which is great with Company. As a result of this Company has been increased to 3x main deck. The new Sulati decklist:
Jan 22, 2016

Oath of the Gatewatch

The set Oath of the Gatewatch is released. Oath gave this deck four very good main deck-able cards Sylvan Advocate, Oath of Nissa, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and Hissing Quagmire. Advocate with Quagmire has turned out to have excellent interaction. To make room main deck for these new cards the Sultai Elf Ally strategy with Skyrider Elf, Beastcaller Savant and Tajuru Warcaller was cut.
Jan 22, 2016


With the release of Oath of the Gatewatch and having a new G/B Dual land Hissing Quagmire this deck moves back to Golgari colors. This move really simplified the manabase making it more consistent, not having to rely on fetch lands and battle lands. Cutting blue of Sultai colors was the biggest change for this deck in a while. Sylvan Advocate replaced Skyrider Elf, Oath of Nissa replaced Beastcaller Savant and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar replaced Tajuru Warcaller. The new Golgari decklist:
March 27, 2016

Shadows Over Innistrad

SOI didn't have any Elves in the entire set. Instead it brought combo back with Elves in the form of Cryptolith Rite and Westvale Abbey. This marks one of the biggest overall deck design changes for this deck in a while. No longer having to rely on just Shaman of the Pack or an Elf swam to win the game. Collected Company completely replaces Sylvan Messenger and the deck name Messenger Elves is changed to Rite Elves. The new Rite Elves decklist:
May 25, 2016


Rite Elves becomes Abzan to take advantage of the powerful cards Eldrazi Displacer and Declaration in Stone. Displacer adds yet another excellent combo piece to use with Cryptolith Rite and Shaman of the Pack. Continually, blinking Shaman now becomes the win condition of Rite Elves. This deck is now packing three powerful combo pieces to be used with Rite and Elves, Displacer, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip and Westvale Abbey. Declaration is added mostly to combat Humans. Unconditional creature exile that can also completely wipe a battlefield of tokens is excellent. Abzan Rite Elves decklist:
July 17, 2016

Eldritch Moon

Eldritch Moon the second set in the Shadows Over Innistrad block also has no Elves just like the previous set. Huge Eldrazi Distended Mindbender and Decimator of the Provinces brought a new powerful mechanic to Magic, emerge. Emerge was great with the Cryptolith Rite combo strategy with Elves. Both these Eldrazi were included in this deck with Mindbender as the stand out and Decimator ending up in the end in the sideboard. Due to the double black emerge casting cost of Mindbender I cut white leaving behind the more complex Abzan manabase for a much more consistent Golgari one. Golgari Rite Elves decklist:
Sept, 2016

Shaman Rotates

The end of an era. Since the beginning Shaman of the Pack has been the center piece of this deck, but she rotated at this rotation. This was a huge rotation, rotating 90% of Elves out of Standard. The rest of Khans of Tarkir block rotated meaning Collected Company is gone as well as all of Magic Orgins. Magic Orgins was a great set for Elves because it had Shaman, Dwynen's Elite, Elvish Visionary, Sylvan Messenger and Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip. The loss of Shaman means this deck and Elves as a tribe are in trouble. Kaladesh the next block in Magic has to have Elves or the tribe is extinct in Standard. Because of this impeding rotation and the unknown fate of Elves I took a break from playing this deck until Kaladesh.
Sept 30, 2016


Thankfully, Kaladesh had Elves which really saved the Elf tribe in Standard. A new mechanic was introduced, energy. I liked energy right away and build the next version of this deck around it. Rite Elves is dead, but Energy Elves lives on. I changed this deck's name to Energy Elves. Skyrider Elf returns, the first time using him since the Sultai version of this deck back in Battle for Zendikar(BFZ). I used energy as a mana color fixer to take advantage of the converge creatures Skyrider and Woodland Wanderer from BFZ. A new type of artifact is also introduced, Vehicles. Smuggler's Copter ended up being the best Vehicle in the set and the best one with Elves. For the first time red is used in this deck for Harnessed Lightning, an excellent creature removal spell that uses energy. I started out in Sultai colors, but ending up in Temur. The Temur Energy Elves decklist:
Oct 16, 2016

More Tribal

Even though Energy Elves as it was built was fine I wasn't happy with the lack of tribal synergy. The deck was changed including an equipment for the first time, Stoneforge Masterwork as the tribal card with Elves. The energy strategy with Skyrider Elf remained and Peema Outrider joined the tribe giving this deck two Elves with evasion, flying and trample to best take advantage of Masterwork. The new Temur Energy Elves decklist:

Budget Energy Elves

Standard multimedia



I've settled on a final new version of Energy Elves. It's now back to Temur , only three colors. I played around with including white for Cast Out, but the manabase is much better without including a fourth color. White vs red is the debate of which one I will use and red gives me more right now than white does. Not using the fourth color does hurt my ability to fully converge Skyrider Elf, but I feel this is a sacrifice I can make to let the overall deck run much smoother. I classify this deck as midrange and ramp, but it can also be pretty aggressive with Sylvan Advocate and Rishkar, Peema Renegade. This deck is not just about Elves, but also about energy and to better utilize energy I'm now including more cards that make or use it. Temur are the colors of energy, Temurgy.

One of the defining characteristics of decks in Standard using energy is they have Rogue Refiner which makes sense because he makes energy and draws a card as well as having three power, he's just an excellent creature. I haven't used Refiner yet in any version of Energy Elves which was a mistake; he's now part of this deck. Refiner allows me to be much more flexible with the use of energy. Before Refiner having enough energy for both Skyrider Elf fully converged and Harnessed Lightning was a some what delicate guessing game because many times I couldn't do both. Having to not balance what is more important a big flying Elf or enough energy to kill something is nice for a change. Aethersphere Harvester is back, to get the best use out of Harvester I want to be able to activate it's lifelink ability which requires energy. Adding Refiner makes Harvester better; he makes energy to power Harvester and he can crew it. Harvester is great vs aggro specifically Zombies and Mardu Vehicles which are both popular right now in Standard, especially Zombies. It's five toughness as well as lifelink make it a real roadblock in the matchups; it also can't be outright killed by Grasp of Darkness or Fatal Push without triggering revolt. Refiner makes Harnessed Lightning much better. Harnessed has been called the red Doom Blade because of how powerful it can be with energy. Refiner boosts the power level of both Harnessed and Harvester.

I've tried a lot of different variations since Amonkhet has been in Standard. All these variations found me drifting away from the energy theme instead of reinforcing it. This is the main reason I've now abandoned these variations instead sticking and trying to better the energy theme. I started out with giving high praise to Rhonas the Indomitable, but I have since realized that while Rhonas is a very good card he can be limited in this deck. It's hard to turn him on allowing him to attack without using his ability which costs making it slow and vulnerable to removal of the creature I'm boosting to allow him to attack or block. I'm still using Rhonas, but only as a 1 of, his ability to give trample to Elves while slow is very good with Rishkar, Peema Renegade and the ramping aspect in this deck. Many variations I was jamming in cards that work well with Rhonas for example Woodland Wanderer and Arlinn Kord which was a mistake. In the last update I praised Arlinn Kord, but she's not making this final version because she's just too slow and vulnerable. It's hard to protect Arlinn with all the great creature removal right now in Standard. She can protect herself the turn she is played by making a Wolf token, but then she only has 3 loyalty and she flips. Her flip side is not the side that I want to be using I want to use her front side. Her ability to give Glorybringer vigilance is very powerful, but unrealistic to actually consistently do in a game.

For a while since Amonkhet has been in Standard this deck was using Cast Out and Inspiring Vantage or Evolving Wilds for white to help to cast it. Cast Out is a great card, but including white in my opinion was hurting the manabase much more than helping it. I need a majority of the lands to make green mana because green is the primary color; all my creatures except 2x Glorybringer require green mana. Vantage doesn't make green mana; I was having too many opening hands with a Vantage and other non-green source land(s) which means a mulligan. This deck is now using only 4x lands that can't make green mana out of 21x lands making it much more consistence with less mulligans. The main problem with having too many lands which can't make green mana is this deck is only using 21x lands therefore I shouldn't expect a lot of lands in any given game. To offset this I need to draw lands that can make green mana. I've replaced Vantage with Game Trail. I'm using 7x lands that can help Trail enter the battlefield untapped this isn't an ideal number, but so far it's been fine and some what consistent. Trail can give me an early game green source or a red source for Harnessed Lightning or Magma Spray.

Evolving Wilds has been part of this deck since I've been using Tireless Tracker because Wilds is great with Tracker giving me two clues in one turn. Wilds is slow which is the reason I've cut it. I need the majority of lands to enter the battlefield untapped and Wilds doesn't do this. For a long time now I've been main decking Tracker because she's one of the better green cards that can take over a game if not dealt with right away. Tracker is however in my opinion not a good main deck card right now because it's not very good in aggro matchups. Tracker can be slow and vs aggro she's really just a chump blocker who gives me no real value before she dies. Tracker is being replaced main deck with Rogue Refiner because Refiner gives me double value, energy and a draw and then it can be used as a chump blocker. Tracker for now is in the sideboard because she's great in any non-aggro matchup.

The cutting of white lets me focus more on red including Glorybringer as a double red creature and Magma Spray as an early game removal spell. I need the consistency of having a red source for my removal in the early game while not hurting my ability to also have a green source. Spray is a very good removal right now in Standard because the two, Zombies and Mardu Vehicles of the three, best decks in Standard are using recursive creatures, Scrapheap Scrounger and Dread Wanderer, who can be a huge problem. Spray exiles these creatures as well as a large number of all the other creatures in both matchups. Cast Out was a way to deal with Planewalkers and since I'm cutting it I need another way to deal with them, Glorybringer. Glorybringer is excellent at killing Planeswalkers because it has flying and haste. It can also kill, by doing four damage to it, a possible creature who can block my army from killing a Planeswalker. Glorybringer adds another flier to the flying arsenal madeup of Skyrider Elf and Aethersphere Harvester. Red gives me access to Harnessed Lightning which with the amount of energy this deck can now make is a very versatile creature removal spell.

Rishkar, Peema Renegade is now a center piece Elf because of his ramping ability. Riskhar also brings some aggression with Sylvan Advocate and Verdurous Gearhulk. A turn two Advocate into a turn three Rishkar can setup some nasty turn four plays. Gearhulk turn four can make this deck very aggressive. Rishkar is also very good with Aethersphere Harvester because he can put counters on Harvester. Due to the legendary rule I can't have more than one Rishkar in play at once, but I can still play other Rishkars then choosing which one I want to keep on the battlefield and using his enter the battlefield trigger to put counters on other creatures.

Now including Rogue Refiner makes Servant of the Conduit better letting me take more advantage of using him to make any color of mana later on in a game. Two of Servant's main purposes in this deck are to help me ramp and converge a 4/4 Skyrider Elf turn three or a 5/5 turn four or a turn four Verdurous Gearhulk, but he now has another powerful creature to ramp into play turn four, Glorybringer. Being able to ramp Glorybringer into play is great because of haste and it's ability to do 4 damage to a target creature when it attacks. He's pretty much guaranteed to be able to kill something at this time of the game while still doing 4 damage through the air.

Final Thoughts

Temur is now the colors of Energy Elves. I think Rogue Refiner is the missing piece that this decks needs to better use energy. I cut white to focus more on red since red is very good right now in Standard due to Magma Spray and Glorybringer. I tried many variations of different decks since Amonkhet has been in Standard, using cards like Rhonas the Indomitable and Arlinn Kord but they were hurting the energy theme more than helping it. In the coming weeks look for the updated the sections here: Deck Strategy, Main Deck Card Choices and Sideboard Card Choices, they have all been empty for too long.

The next big Wizards announcement is Announcement Day which is in June, we don't know the exact date in June yet. It's before the release of the next set in the Amonkhet block, Hour of Devastation in July. At this announcement we will learn what the next block, the next plane, we are visiting in the Magic multiverse after Amonkhet. I have a feeling that it's a return block because we just had back to back blocks with new planes; going to another new plane seems unlikely. My hope is the next plane we are visiting is Dominaria. Returning to Dominaria does make a lot of sense because Magic's 25th anniversary is coming up and Dominaria was one of the first planes in Magic that hasn't been revisited yet. We should revisit for nostalgic reasons if nothing else. Dominaria has Goblins which is a tribe in red that really needs a boost right now. Dominaria has Elves which also need a boost. There are Slivers on Dominaria which is a tribe that a lot of players like which hasn't gotten much support for a while now. Dominaria is a plane that's rich in different landscapes which is a real contrast from Amonkhet. The story on Dominaria can be vastly expanded upon, in fact it can be completely changed due to the length of time it has been since we last visited it. It's ripe for a creative reboot of sorts while still keeping the nostalgic aspects of Magic.

I'm very excited while also a little scared because the next plane must have Elves if they're to survive in Standard. The Battle for Zendikar block rotates out of Standard when the block after Amonket enters Standard. A majority of the playable Elves are from the BFZ sets. My hope is that Elves will get the excellent same treatment that Zombies got in Amonket with actual powerful lords and creatures that care about their specific tribes. Zombies got such a boost from the Amonkhet set that they're now a top deck in Standard. I wish this to happen with Elves in the next block.


Update 5/25/17: It's been revealed that the next block after Amonkhet is Ixalan and the first set is called either Ixalan or possibly Rivals of Ixalan, released September 29, 2017. Rivals may be the name of the second set of the block with Ixalan being the name of the first set. All I know now is the block name. I don't know what plane Ixalan is taking place on. Hopefully we're told more about it on Announcement Day in June.

Update 7/24/17: Ixalan is a new plane in the Magic multiverse. I had thought that maybe Ixalan was on Dominaria, but the sets after Ixalan are in fact taking place on Dominaria. Ixalan is the name of the first set with Rivals of Ixalan as the second set in the block. A lot is already known about Ixalan because of a series of leaks of pictures of the full page of the rares and mythics in the set. Unfortunately, although Ixalan looks like a tribal centered plane Elves are not there. There are no Elves in the leaked card images. The main tribes appear to be dinosaurs and pirates as well as merfolk, vampires and of course humans, most are pirates, but some are not, there's always humans. If Ixalan does indeed not have Elves that would be two entire blocks, four sets with no new Elves in them. This deck as it's constructed will rotate out of Standard when Ixalan enters Standard because Skyrider Elf rotates. No matter what I was going to have to make a new version of Energy Elves, but I had hoped that I would have some new Elf options to fill in the Elves that were rotating, it looks like this will not be the case.

A more positive way to look at this I guess is Dominaria, the set after Ixalan and Core 2019 the return of core sets after that. Elves are big part of the original Dominaria; I have to think that Wizards has something exciting in store for them since four total sets, eight months of time will have past that didn't have any new Elves in Standard. The negative is we have to wait a long time, into April of next year, until Dominaria is released and even longer for Core 2019. Origins was suppose to be the last core set and it was a very exciting set for Elves, in fact it was the set which basically reintroduced them into Standard as a tribe. I hope both Dominaria first and then Core 2019 follows this trend and interjects some new and exciting Elves into Standard.

Pure speculation: There's still a slim possibility that Elves are the tribe who are the Aztec Dino riders. The Dino riders are who protect Orazca, the city of gold. I say Aztec because of the helmet/headdress we see in the first image of a Dino rider. If you look at the above picture there's a Dino with a rider which I've blown up the portion of the large introductory image of Ixalan to get a better look at just the rider. The rider to me looks like an Elf and not a Human or a Merfolk, although it looks much closer to a Human then a Merfolk.

The interesting thing about this is the pictures of the leaked rare and mythic rares full printed sheet doesn't contain any Dino riders or creatures that look like the above rider. The cards have dinosaurs a lot of them, but no actual card that has a creature riding a dinosaur. I don't think we know yet what tribe are the Dino riders. There's further speculation that due the strange size, large amount of cards in the Ixalan set that Double Faced cards(DFC) are in the set. If this is the case DFCs get their own rare and mythic rare sheet that's separate from the traditional rare sheet, this is just how the printing process works. It's very possible that the Dino riders are DFC and they are Elves. The cards start out as either a tribal creature or a Dino and then their ability allows them to mount/transform into a pairing of two thus being stronger with more abilities which is a characteristic of DFCs.

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Randsome says... #2

Interesting update and thoughts - essentially this is now an "elves-themed" Temur energy variant.

But this:I can even play Rishkar and tap him to crew Harvester before I use his counters trigger which allows me to then put a counter on Harvester.- doesn't work that way. When Rishkar ETB you have to specify the targets that are already there, but Harvester is an artifact still at that time so it can't be targeted.

May 20, 2017 6:51 p.m.

Randsome says... #3

Also, what are ur thoughts on how would an up-to-meta Sultai Constrictor-Skyrider deck look like nowadays?

May 20, 2017 6:53 p.m.

multimedia says... #4

Hey Randsome, thanks for your feedback.

Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Aethersphere Harvester work together because both their abilities use the stack. Rishkar's ETB trigger and Harvester's crew activated ability both go on the stack. Crew is an activated ability. Once both abilities are on the stack I can choose what order they resolve. When a creature enters the battlefield it can be tapped to use another activated ability that requires a creature to be tapped such as crew. When Rishkar ETB before I resolve his trigger I can tap him to crew Harvester, the crew ability then also goes on the stack. Once both Rishkar's trigger and the crew of Harvester are on the stack I can order them to happen in any way I choose. Choosing to resolve the crew of Harvester on the stack first makes Harvester a creature. I can then resolve Rishkar's trigger second which lets me put a counter on Harvester since Harvester is now a creature.

The same thing happens with the stack when another Rishkar ETB when one is already on the battlefield. Both the legendary rule and Rishkar's ETB trigger go on the stack. I can choose which order I want them to happen. Choosing Rishkar's trigger first lets me put counters on other creatures even one of the Rishkars. Second I resolve the legendary rule which then kills one of my choice of Rishkar.

An updated Sultai Energy Elves list:

May 20, 2017 8:21 p.m.

Randsome says... #5

multimedia, thanks for your feedback as well)

1) As for the deck: it seems kinda close to my initial thoughts, which kinda reinforces my opinion on playing it. Would u replace Balistas with direct Planeswalker removal - Ruinous\Never? I kinda lack those and amn't that into STD to buy them for what they cost nowadays =_=

Also, what are the defining differences between strengths and weaknesses for both Sultai and Temur takes on this archetypes? Both seem pretty well equiped with removal, Constrictor rapidly boosts direct power through counters and Temur wins with energy utilizing - something like that?Also, another black's plus is Energy Bob, i think. Would u play it there if we aren't directly tied to elves?

2) As for the rules: while some premises and final results are correct, it seems u have a few things mixed up there:2.1 As soon as Rishkar hits the table his ability goes on the stack and it demands to chose targets from among creatures that are already there. Sure, in response to this trigger u can crew Aether with him which will produce a stack like this: Rishkar's ETB --> crewing harvester. And result would be: Harvester becomes a creature, but it doesn't matter for counters as targets for them are already assigned. This would work if u have another creature on the table when u are playing Rishkar, which'll produce a sequence like this: play Rishkar --> crew Aether with a creature already on the table --> Rishkar resolves --> Rishkar's ability goes on the stack with targets on Rishkar\another creature and Harvester --> counters are placed as we intend.

2.2 While legendary rule does demand that u choose one creature with a particular name to be left alive, it's a State Based Action (if i remember correctly those are named like that) and they don't use stack, so u don't have a chance to respond - as soon as second Rishkar hits the table u have to chose one of them to be left alive, another one dies and u get to decide where to put counters. So if u somehow managed to have three Rishkars ETB under ur control at the same time, as the first thing to do u'll have to chose one to stay and only after that u'll have to define targets for all three counters triggers. So u won't have a chance to crew a vehicle with new Rishkar while deciding to leave the old one on the battlefield.

Though, u don't have to believe my words just like that and i suggest u consult a judge u know on these, as this technicalities might cost u the game sometime.

May 21, 2017 6:17 a.m.

multimedia says... #6

Randsome, Walking Ballista is very good with Winding Constrictor and seems like an auto include in a deck using the snake, but if you don't want to get Ballista's then you could use it's slots for anything really, Negate is even an option. Never / Return or Ruinous Path are fine in it's place, but I don't think you really need any more removal main deck, 4x Fatal Push and 3x Grasp of Darkness is enough. Aethersphere Harvester is good at pressuring Planeswalkers. Saying this I would definitely sideboard 1-2x Never or Path as some Planeswalker removal. I would also sideboard 4x Transgress the Mind which can hit any Planeswalker.

Some possible cards you could use in Ballista's place who go with the theme and with the snake are:

If you want to go away from Elves then both Longtusk Cub and Glint-Sleeve Siphoner are excellent energy 2 drops. You could replace Sylvan Advocate and/or Skyrider Elf with any combination of them.

As far as strengths and weaknesses of Sultai and Temur I think it really comes down to which kind of deck you want to play. Even though Sutali has energy I consider it more of a counters deck because the power of Winding Constrictor is in counters not energy. Temur is more of an energy deck that's also using counters, but energy is the main theme. If you like energy play Temur and if you like counters than play Sultai.

Sultai Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Better manabase having access to 7-8x fast lands that can make green mana.
  • More powerful curve of Winding Constrictor, Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Verdurous Gearhulk. By itself a curve of Constrictor into Rishkar can be game winning.
  • Better sideboard options for Marvel matchups and control matchups. Transgress the Mind and Negate can both stop Marvel. Transgress can hit Torrential Gearhulk.
  • Less reliant on energy if keeping Elves.

  • Weaknesses
  • Constrictor is a huge target for removal and unfortunately the deck very much relies on him to be alive without him the power level drops a lot.
  • Problematic removal options, other than Fatal Push all other removal has double black casting cost. Push is ok, but not great right now in Standard.
  • No cheap removal that exiles the creature it kills.
  • Not as versatile or as many creature options in black.
  • Access to no three mana sweeper that does 3 damage to all creatures. Yahenni's Expertise is as close as it gets.

Temur Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Can still function without losing a key card in other words there's no Constrictor. Less reliant on a nice curve.
  • More cards make and use energy. The energy theme is front and center.
  • Magma Spray is a very good removal spell right now in Standard.
  • Harnessed Lightning is unconditional creature removal that with energy can kill easier than Fatal Push.
  • Access to three mana 3 damage to all creatures sweepers.
  • Glorybringer adds an additional power level to the top end.

  • Weaknesses
  • Worst manabase having to use reveal lands from Shadows Over Innistrad which can be problematic at times.
  • Worst sideboard options for Marvel and control matchups. Other than Negate and other counterspells.
  • Relies much more on energy to overall function.

In my opinion red is better as the third color for this deck than black right now because of Magma Spray, Harnessed Lightning, Glorybringer and Radiant Flames. These cards do more for the deck than Winding Constrictor, Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness and Transgress the Mind can. I like the combination of Spray and Harnessed over Push and Grasp because Spray can exile Scrapheap Scrounger and/or Dread Wanderer, especially Scrapheap because he's such a menace in Mardu. Spray also hits a ton of creatures in both Zombies and Mardu making it not just for the recursive creatures.

Creatures that Spray can't kill Harnessed can due to the amount of energy the deck can make. Glorybringer is great at pressuring or killing Planewalkers and gives me another flying threat. Putting counters on Glorybringer is also nasty fun. Flames in combination with Spray is very potent vs Zombies. I've found that I really need a sweeper to consistently beat Zombies because the battlefield can be flooded with them very fast. Red has access to two three mana sweepers that can deal 3 damage to all creatures, Flames and Sweltering Suns. Doing 3 damage is important because of Lord of the Accursed. Black has Yahenni's Expertise which can kill 3 power creatures, but it costs four mana instead of three. Flames can also only do 2 damage to each creature if I only use two different colors of mana to cast it. It's flexible this can be relevant as a one sided board wipe.

Push is a great removal spell, but the strong presence in Standard of both Aetherworks Marvel and Zombies takes it down a notch. Zombies wants you to spend a card to kill a single Zombie this is giving them an advantage. Spray is some what taking away this advantage even though I'm still spending a card to kill a single creature the creature is exiled which is relevant. Marvel plays all three drops except Servant of the Conduit and higher and very few creatures. Push is still excellent in the Mardu Vehicles matchup because it can kill Heart of Kiran, but so can Harnessed.

Thanks for the tips on using the stack. You're right I can't tap Rishkar, Peema Renegade the turn it's played to crew Aethersphere Harvester and then put a counter on Harvester with Rishkar's trigger. I would have to use another creature to first crew Harvester and then play Rishkar. I've been doing this Rishkar and Havester play for a while now and no one has said it's wrong, haha... My mistake is I didn't know that if an ETB trigger has to have a target(s) the target(s) must be declared the moment the trigger goes on the stack. I was declaring targets when the trigger resolved from the stack which is wrong.

May 22, 2017 1:45 a.m.

multimedia says... #7

I've done a swap of the number of Glorybringer and Verdurous Gearhulk. 4x Glorybringer gives me better odds to draw it and get it into play turn four or five. I've also increased the number of Mountain to 3x cutting 1x Forest to make room. Glorybringer is double red so having another red source that doesn't come into play tapped really helps.

The difference between the Dragon and Gearhulk is the Dragon's haste. Creature removal is good right now and I get more value faster out of the Dragon than Gearhulk. I've also found the Dragon to be much better than Gearhulk in both Mardu Vehicles and Zombie matchups, especially Mardu as a great way to deal with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Gearhulk is also an artifact, the Dragon isn't, which is relevant.

I was sideboarding a third Glorybringer, but I don't need to do that anymore, I cut it for a third Manglehorn. I like Manglehorn in both Marvel and Mardu Vehicles matchups, especially Mardu because it can kill Heart of Kiran and slow down Scrapheap Scrounger.

Small Summary, Sideboard Cards for Matchups (Look for a more in depth guide in the Sideboard Card Choices section soon):

May 25, 2017 8:33 a.m.

Love it! I've been doing a bit of playtesting, and I find that there is a lot of unused energy at the end of matches that goes to waste. Have you noticed anything similar while playing?

May 25, 2017 10:55 p.m.

multimedia says... #9

Doran_The_ButtFighter, thanks for the upvote.

Since adding Rogue Refiner the energy production is very good and I too have had games where a lot of energy is not used. Although, I would rather have a lot of extra energy then not enough. Not having to choose what I want to use energy on instead having enough for everything I want to do makes game play much smoother and more fun.

It's possible that including a couple of cards that can use all the extra energy could be beneficial such as Confiscation Coup or a single Aetherworks Marvel.

May 26, 2017 2:02 a.m.

multimedia what are your thought on Bristling Hydra and/or Whirler Virtuoso? I think if Marvel is added, it might as well be a Temur Marvel deck, but that isn't what this list is trying to do.

May 26, 2017 10:41 a.m.

multimedia says... #11

Doran_The_ButtFighter, I agree It's best to stay away from Marvel, this is not a Marvel deck. The main reason I mentioned Coup is because it gives us an effect that the deck currently doesn't have. Virtuoso and Hydra are other options for sure. I would learn more towards Virtuoso because it can generate more value with Thopters which have flying. Hydra could also be a sideboard card.

Are you thinking of including one of these cards main deck? If so what are you thinking about cutting for it? Right now I feel the main deck is pretty set with only Verdurous Gearhulk and Magma Spray as the flex spots.

A possible direction to go is to sideboard in Virtuoso when sideboarding out Skyrider Elf. I tend to take out some Skyrider Elf in matchups where I know Fatal Push is my opponent's main removal spell. I do this because wasting energy and a turn to fully converge Skyrider to just have it killed by Push for one mana is pretty bad.

Without having to use energy to converge Skyrider then even more energy is not used. Virtuoso is good vs Push because it's a 3 drop, revolt needs to be triggered before Push can kill it. Our opponent is not going to want to use Push to kill a 1/1 Thopter giving us an advantage. I could see 2-3x Virtuoso in the sideboard to start with and bring them in when Skyrider is taken out. It's possible that Virtuoso is also better than Magma Spray because it does make and use energy and that energy can produce tokens who can be blockers. Spray is here to combat aggro, but Virtuoso can also do this. Delay aggro with Thopters until we can Radiant Flames. Flames does kill Virtuoso and all Thopters though, that's a problem. Your thoughts?

May 26, 2017 9:03 p.m.

Variux says... #12

How is this deck working out for you lately?

June 11, 2017 6:55 p.m.

ACDAMAN says... #13

I'm thinking of bringing this deck into FNM, how has it been doing? Is it still viable?

June 18, 2017 8:41 p.m.

ACDAMAN says... #14

Well, the budget version multimedia

June 18, 2017 8:42 p.m.

multimedia says... #15

ACDAMAN, thanks for the upvote. I just updated Budget Energy Elves for you.

Since Aetherworks Marvel has been banned this deck is very viable. One of the top decks right now is Temur Energy Midrange; think of this deck as a variation of it with Elves. Glorybringer is very good right now.

The only real difference between this deck and the budget version is the budget has a worse manabase using Evolving Wilds and Cinder Glade with no Botanical Sanctum or Game Trail. I recommend spending some extra money to use the manabase here instead of the budget version manabase.

Tireless Tracker is replaced with Mouth / Feed in the budget version which is obviously not as good, but a fine budget replacement for the Midrange matchups such as Temur Energy and Golgari Energy you want draw in.

I've choosen to main deck Magma Spray because you need it vs Zombies and that deck is very popular right now and the worst matchup. If Zombies aren't a problem at your FNM then you can either cut entirely or move all Spray to the sideboard. Here's a small guide of how I would change the main deck to reflect different most popular matchups at FNM:

  1. If you're expecting a lot of Midrange decks like Temur Energy or Golgari Energy then replace Magma Spray with Mouth / Feed. In these matchups having a mass draw spell is much better than a spell that only does 2 damage to a creature.
  2. If you're expecting a lot Aggro like Zombies and Mardu Vehicles then keep Spray main deck with a fourth in the sideboard.
  3. If Control dominates FNM then replace Spray with more Bristling Hydra; likewise if you find that you're losing to Control then add more Hydra either main deck or sideboard.
  4. The 4x Negate in the sideboard is for Control, but if no Control then you can cut some Negate for other cards.

Think of it like this Spray is to combat Aggro, Mouth is to out card advantage Midrange and Hydra can be an unkillable nasty threat vs Control. If one of these archetypes dominates your FNM more than the rest then you can adjust to reflect this.

June 19, 2017 12:51 a.m.

ACDAMAN says... #16

multimedia Thanks! I have a lot of lands that I could use... and I used to play a Sigarda deck so I've got the Tireless Trackers and a few other things that I could use.

Thank you for responding so in depth!

June 19, 2017 1:03 a.m.

multimedia says... #17

ACDAMAN, that's good you have Tracker she along with the manabase: Sanctum, Trail and Fumarole are really the only large price differences between this deck and the budget version. What's your FNM like? Does one deck or a couple dominate or is there a variety of decks?

Good luck at FNM!

June 19, 2017 1:15 a.m.

ACDAMAN says... #18

multimedia Haven't been to FNM in a few weeks, but the last few times control dominated, and a few Marvel decks which probably cycled to other Energy decks. There was also a zombie deck, but I think I'll just focus on the controls.

June 19, 2017 1:31 a.m.

ACDAMAN says... #19

multimedia Going out to buy the cards I need now! I bought a SOI deckbuilder kit a while ago, so I think I've got the lands I need!

June 19, 2017 2:53 p.m.

ACDAMAN says... #20

multimedia So I bought the cards, got most of them + a few lands that I need. Missing a Manglehorn and 4 Rogue Refiners.

Any replacements for Rogue Refiner?

June 19, 2017 6:08 p.m.

Variux says... #21

ACDAMAN, you could try to use Empyreal Voyager. Flying, trample, gains energy equal to the amount of damage it does. Same CMC as Rogue Refiner, minus the card draw which is a big upside.

multimedia, how has the deck been performing as of late?

June 19, 2017 6:18 p.m.

multimedia says... #22

Variux, I'm having fun playing the deck. It had a terrible Marvel matchup, but Marvel is now banned so this deck is much more viable since it has a good matchup vs Temur/GB Energy and Mardu Vehicles. Zombies are a problem.

ACDAMAN, sounds great, that was fast. As far as lands go 4x Aether Hub, 4x Botanical Sanctum are the most important. You can get away with not using Game Trail if they are not of your price range or you can't get them, but I recommend 4x Trail also. Rogue Refiner is a must and are very cheap.

Replacements for Refiner are Tireless Tracker, you said you had 3x Tracker if so just main deck them. There's also Whirler Virtuoso; I used Virtuoso for a while, but he was ultimately cut for other cards. However, he's a fine energy producer replacement for Refiner. A recommend 2x Tracker and 3x Virtuoso if you're choosing this route. Another option is to increase the amount of Bristling Hydra to 3-4x for more energy and main deck Tracker for draw.

Manglehorn is less needed if you don't expect any Mardu Vehicles with Heart of Kiran and Aethersphere Harvester at your FNM. Mardu is the real reason for Manglehorn in the sideboard.

June 19, 2017 7:52 p.m.

ACDAMAN says... #23

multimedia Thanks! I'll test that out!

June 19, 2017 8:11 p.m.

ACDAMAN says... #24

multimedia I copied your deck and edited it a bit, can you check out the manabase and see if it's ok?

June 23, 2017 5:01 p.m.

multimedia says... #25

I just updated the Deck Strategy section here with a writeup including a new Gameplay portion which I'm not quite done with, but it's a start.

I have some bad news it looks like Ixalan the set after Amonkhet doesn't have Elves. Although not offical yet pictures of the entire rare and mythic rare sheet of cards were leaked and there's not one Elf present. Not having a rare Elf in the set is a pretty good indicator that Elves are not on Ixalan. Dinosaurs and Merfolk appear to be the tribes in green.

If I'm right about no Elves in the Ixalan set then we will have to wait a long time before any new Elves are in Standard until Dominaria, the next set after Ixalan. It releases in April 2018...

June 24, 2017 7:46 a.m.

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