Enduring Renewal Infinite Damage Combo Deck:


I liked Peebles deck a lot and I mixed with Boros Control.

Here are my best Results:

4-0 FNM (three times)

3-1 FNM (four times)

3-1-1 (twice) at Win A box tournament

3-2 (twice) at Win A box tournament

"Bad" matchups (25%) : Tron (in spite of the blood moons), Jund, Jeskai Control, Cruel Control / Lantern

"Ok" Matchups (50%) : Affinity, Burn, Death Shadow, Junk, CoCo, Ponza, Ramp

"Easy" Matchups (75%) Elves, Boogles, 8 Rack, Soul sisters, Infect, Valakut, Merfolk

This is theoretical and based on my own experience, but Magic can be very surprising sometimes.

How does it work?

The Combo is Enduring Renewal + Impact Tremors (or Molten Nursery) + X or XX CMC creatures that you cast at zero. Say:

Enduring Renewal + Impact Tremors + Walking Ballista

The creature is cast "dead", it triggers the damages from Impact Tremors (or you make 1 damage as soon as you cast those colorless creatures with Nursery), It dies immediately (no possible response to that) and this triggers Enduring Renewal to get your creature back in hand. Just repeat the process... A turn 4/5 win is pretty common.

Ideal: T0 Gemstone Cavern + Leyline

T1 Land Impact Tremors

T3 Enduring Renewal (or Tutor it for T4 win)

Why 1 nursery? Nursery can damage different targets. 1 put one for 3 matchup I got but there may be more applications: Worship: you have to kill the creatures (from Eldrazi decks). Platinum Emperion from the Madcap Experiment deck, and all the "Souls sisters" cards that may shut off the combo. You can get the Nursery with Tutors.

I've been testing around quite a lot with that. It did have some results with it vs very good decks of the meta even if it's not very stable sometimes. But I think it's worth Boroshiri.

You get the blood Moon which is always great in Modern. Chalices are played at 1, which shuts off a lot of cards: Discard which is a huge threat for a boros combo, Infect, Serum visions, Spell Snare...

Leylines of Sanctity is important because of discard Turn 1. Loosing the game because of the toss is a pain for combos, and most of the time it's not a dead card anyway: great against Burn, Valakut, Mill, Redcap, ... 4 is too much, but 3 is really fine.

Pyroclasms are good vs Affinity and Infect.

Wrath of God is self explanatory. But there is a little trick with hangarback walker + 1 or 2 Impact Tremors. I won some games that way... no kidding.

Helixes for tempo vs very aggro decks or buy a little time vs plainswalkers. May be set to sideboard.

2 walking Ballistas have been added because they can turn into blast, make X damage each turn if the game last a bit, and with Enduring Renewal out you can even win without any Impact Tremors (Cast / remove counters each turn)

Side board:

Helixes : vs aggro

Aura of Silence: Affinity, Tron and... Rest in Peace (you have to play one G2 and 3 if opponent is white)

Defense Grid: 4! HUGE vs any blue control deck which are really painful for combo. Getting 2 or 3 is not lost.

Ensnaring Bridge: Great vs Eldrazi, Death Shadow, Goyfs... even vs a heavy control deck you may run out of cards so you may need the Bridge. Can be considered as a "Wrath".

Leyline of Sanctity: One more if discard/burn or VS blue Tron

Stony Silence: Affinity, Tron.

Evolution: I know it could be faster (Simian Spirit Guide...) in an all in build but some defense has been found worthwhile. Advice welcomed.

I removed Helixes from mainboard and the Runed Halo whiched I changed for a more classical Oblivion ring (16/06/17)



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