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GAAIV is the quintessential control general. This deck is incredibly frustrating to play against. You probably shouldn't play it against anyone you want to remain friends with.

Most GAAIV decks play off of his dual built-in Sphere of Resistance/Helm of Awakening (for you) "stax" effects and run a plethora of artifact and enchantment cards that more or less lock the board down. This version of GAAIV runs some of the better ones such as Winter Orb, Rhystic Study and Propaganda in order to slow the game down and keep your opponents on their back foot until you can take over the game, but it is not, strictly speaking, a "stax" deck.

Early on, spot removal and counterspells will keep the most problematic threats off the table, and there are several board wipes in the deck in the event that things start to get out of hand.

Mid-game, you want to play and protect things such as Rhystic Study, Future Sight, and/or Consecrated Sphinx in order to create card advantage and refill your hand with answers and counterspells.

Once you have the game well in hand, it's time to grind your opponent(s) out. Get some combination of Crucible of Worlds/Sun Titan and World Queller/Strip Mine/Wasteland on the table, and start aggressively attacking the opposition's lands. Throw an Armageddon in for good measure. Given enough time--assuming you are able to protect the Crucible and/or Titan--you will be able to destroy all of your opponents' lands and that is pretty much all she wrote.

Mop up with whatever's handy--typically a titan, the Sphinx, the Collonade, or some combination thereof.

Plan B: Rest in Peace and Helm of Obedience miser's combo kill to take advantage of all the tutor effects in the deck.

Always open to suggestions. I think I've hit all the key notes except for the obvious Tundra, which is simply too pricey to be worth it.

Let me know what you think--and don't forget to "upvote" if you like the deck.


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