Make Every Villain Feel The Wrath of Hell Flame

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This is about as competitive a build as I could make, with the exception of local playgroup restrictions.

The idea is to burn a table with normally unplayable burn cards like Flame Rift and make 12 mana from the damage/life lost. From there we've an arsenal of outlets: further burn spells, large creatures, that we can use to our advantage. Knollspine Dragon is especially synergistic.

Since this has been shifted to a Boku No Hero Academia theme with Endeavor at the helm, I saw it fitting to add some more burn spells that burn into exile should a creature die, or anything that prevents regeneration.

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Burn from Within, Flamebreak and Annihilating Fire are some examples.

And of course, Flame Javelin

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This deck was taken apart months ago but I was curious to see how I could rebuild it as functionally budget as possible. Also testing the new Jaya Ballard planeswalker.

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