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Tuvasa the Second Sunlit (control voltron) > $350

Commander / EDH Control Enchantment GWU (Bant) Mill Multiplayer Voltron



You can watch this deck in action in a YouTube video on MTG Muddstah's YouTube channel here. Its a double feature so go to the second game and enjoy. Don't for get to upvoye this deck if you like what you see. Also like the video comment and subscribe to show support for my friend to help his channel grow.

A semi competitive deck, using Tuvasa the Sunlit . The best way to win is with Approach of the Second Sun . Set up with a few card draw sources and cast spells. This draws you cards to dig for Approach of the Second Sun . Once you draw into it, you cast it. Then dig for it, to cast it again, and win. Very easy to pull off.

The control/voltron strategy is the first strategy you go for. Building one scary threat that can one punch someone out the game. Meanwhile you control the threats with your enchantment spells like Song of the Dryads , Prison Term , Control Magic , Confiscate , In Bolas's Clutches , Detention Sphere etc etc. By playing "enchantment based removal" you draw cards and make Tuvasa the Sunlit bigger

The mill strategy is a mid game strategy, you want to have a bunch of card draw sources because you are gonna mill them out with Psychic Corrosion /sphinx tutelage, so the more card draw sources the better. Works best with Omniscience because you will always draw enough cards for casting to keep the mill train moving.

According to edhrec.com Bonds of Mortality is the most unique card in the deck. This card is like Arcane Lighthouse except I draw cards from it plus I can make creatures lose indestructible for the turn. Sometimes that's very important.

The Breakdown Show

  1. and 3. Have out in play 2 or more card draw sources (ones that draw cards for playing enchamtments), play Omniscience , then play all the cards you want, drawing into Approach of the Second Sun . Play more cards drawimg into Approach of the Second Sun again, and playing it again. Winning from it. If you miss getting to Approach of the Second Sun , then you might also end up with a bunch of 4/4 angels and/or 2/2 cats.

  2. And 3. The mill strategy works well. with Psychic Corrosion in play or Sphinx's Tutelage in play, as long as you keep playing enchantments, and drawing cards, (omniscience helps big time) your opponents will mill twice as many cards as you draw. Copy Enchantment and Estrid's Invocation to speed it up. Also might end up with a bunch of 4/4 angels and/or 2/2 cats

  3. Omniscience enables all strategys

  4. Open the Vaults will restore what you've lost. Most likely putting you wayyy ahead, possibly with a bunch of 2/2 cats too

  5. All of these strategys could make Tuvasa the Sunlit quite a scary threat and make cmdr damage great again.

All strategys work together, so no matter what stragety gets taken down, you have another back up plan.


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