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After a dissapointing 2-2 at FNM, I decided to change this up and move towards a more aggressive deck. I lost the first 2 rounds to top tier decks, Naya humans and Esper Control. I found this deck was too slow versus both. Couldn't stabilize versus aggro and couldn't beat control fast enough (although the Esper player, who recently won a Grand Prix, admitted he got two nut draws). I did however, get one dream attack in with Rancor on a Loxodon Smiter bonded to Silverblade Paladin for 12 double strike on turn 3. My victories were against a bad Vampire deck and sorta budget Boros. Craterhoof Behemoth was pretty much worthless the whole night and was never able to attack unless I was already winning. I've moved the deck a more aggro build to battle this Meta. One add I'm really interested in seeing is Blind Obedience. I expect it to really slow down aggro decks and even help push through many of my own attacks. Multiple extort triggers are also relevent, as I need them to get the last few points of damage against the control decks and the ability to last at least on more turn against mid-range. Thanks for reading!


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+3 Selesnya Charm main
+1 Bow of Nylea maybe
+4 Witchstalker main
+4 Boon Satyr maybe
+1 Soldier of the Pantheon maybe
+4 Sylvan Caryatid main
+1 Nylea, God of the Hunt maybe
+4 Gladecover Scout main
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