This is my Emmara, Soul of the Accord soldier army deck. Basically I try to tap her as much as possible to create white 1/1 soldier creature tokens with lifelink.

Combos: Presence of Gond + Sunstrike Legionnaire infinite 1/1 tokens Presence of Gond + Staff of Domination + one more creature, infinite 1/1 tokens.

Elvish Archdruid + Staff of Domination + 4 elves, infinite mana Priest of Titania + Staff of Domination + 4 elves, infinite mana

Once I have infinite mana, I can create infinite 1/1 tokens with one of three other cards: Staff of Domination + Stonybrook Schoolmaster , Selesnya Evangel + Staff of Domination or my commander Emmara, Soul of the Accord + Staff of Domination


Updates Add

I ended up cutting Skyshroud Claim and Explosive Vegetation . The only true ramp spell I kept is Harvest Season . Turns out I'm getting more than enough ramp from my creatures and my draw engine is working well enough I'd rather draw for card advantage than drop lands. I replaced Plummet with Swords to Plowshares , an obvious choice. I also cut Doubling Season . While it is strictly better than Parallel Lives or Anointed Procession , at 5 cmc I don't need the +1 counter ability as much as other effects. For a similar reason I dropped Seedborn Muse in favor of Elder Druid , which is 1 cmc cheaper, and can be used on artifacts and lands in addition to creatures (including my opponent's), and is an elf druid alongside the other dorks I run. Added back in Entrapment Maneuver and Glare of Subdual as more versatile removal. Added in Beast Whisperer at 4 cmc as my most expensive draw.

Added in Bow of Nylea to help hit when I swing, as well as Hoofprints of the Stag , Luminarch Ascension , and Serra Ascendant to get a few more fliers on the board. Lastly, I added Mirror Entity as a finisher.

I dropped the land count to 35 (one of which is Maze of Ith ), so now I'm playtesting to see if I'm hitting my land drops and ramping well.

ALSO: This was unintentional, but I now have the same number of green and white mana symbols deckwide! Completely even color split. I might have to avoid any more changes :)